You may or may not have heard of Bouclème, as it is a fairly new UK brand of curly hair products. Owner Michele is a curly girl herself, and started the company after battling with her own curls. She now has curly kiddies that have inspired her to embark on her own healthy hair journey.

This eco-friendly line of products are based in the UK and contain natural moisturizers like argan oil, coconut oil, honey, and aloe vera.

Bouclème has a simple “cleanse, condition, and define” three-step system.

My results using Bouclème

These eco-friendly products are meant to restore moisture and life into naturally dry, curly hair. The brand uses fair trade ingredients in their products whenever possible, which contain no harsh chemicals and is eco-certified and tested on real hair (not animals”>! The products contain great natural moisturisers like argan oil, coconut oil, honey, and aloe vera.

Curl Cleanser, £15

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This cleanser reminds me of the Devacurl No Poo because of its fresh scent and softness. I enjoyed using it as a co-wash. The no lather made me feel like I was pampering my scalp; at the same time being able to free it from dirt and slight build-up. I’d say this product is great for those who get greasy scalp or sweat a lot–it was gentle enough for me to use everyday.

Curl Conditioner, £17 

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This leave-in is amazing. I have used it a lot, applying section by section for immediate definition. It smells amazingly fruity, which may be thanks to the sweet orange and fruit oils. This conditioner is supposed to leave your hair moisturized for two to three days. For that reason, I didn’t have to follow-up with anything else in my regimen. But if you want a great, longer lasting wash & go, I’d recommend using the styling gel.

Curl Defining Gel, £15

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This felt more like oil; its consistency is so light and watery you would never guess that it was a gel! I only needed a small amount to add to my crown. Both the conditioner and gel together left my curls with the greatest definition I’ve ever had. As a result, it did leave me with some flakes the first time. To combat this, I sealed with coconut oil after applying the products and it softened up my curls and prevented any flakes from happening.

More Bouclème products that I haven’t tried yet:

Bouclème has a new product I haven’t tried yet, The Hydrating Hair Cleanser. It has a slight lather for those who want a deeper cleanse. It includes a high sea salt content to nourish curls and promote hair growth by boosting blood circulation.

This line also has an Organic Curl Towel that is curly friendly–it doesn’t disturb your curls or create frizz or dryness, unlike normal terry cloth towels.

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Overall, I was really impressed with the Bouclème brand. I love how moisturized my curls have felt and looked even days after my last wash and style. Have you tried Bouclème products?

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