Every year we poll the NaturallyCurly community on the curly hair products and tools that have achieved Holy Grail status for them. We don't prompt you with certain brands or products - this is purely the unfiltered opinions of thousands of curlies. As a NaturallyCurly Editor, I eagerly await Best of the Best announcements each year because I see it as a chance to get to know your regimens and bathroom cabinets. These are the most popular curly hair products of 2017, and the reasons why you love them.

Favorite Shampoo: Mielle Organics Babassu Oil Conditioning Sulfate-Free Shampoo

bottle of mielle organics babassu conditioning shampoo

When it comes to curl shampoos, we're most interested in what they DON'T do. Curlies expect them not to dry us out, leave our hair feeling stripped or squeaky clean, or make our detangling process even more difficult than it already is. This Mielle Organics Shampoo is sulfate-free, color safe, contains strengthening proteins, and even helps with conditioning.

Why you love it

"I have very thick, 3B curls. This shampoo cleans my hair without stripping it. I also purchase it for my sons. They have very thick, slightly wavy hair. Great shampoo. I alternate between this and shea jamaican natural black." - DawnV

Favorite Daily Conditioner: Deva Curl Devacurl One Condition Decadence Milk Conditioner

The original DevaCurl One Condition is a mainstay conditioner in the curly world, so they had big shoes to fill when they released their new Decadence and Delight lines in 2016. Judging by this year's winning conditioner, Decadence met and exceeded expectations.

Why you love it

"After one use of this conditioner, it was all love! This conditioner is perfect for use on all types of textured hair, especially individuals who have textured hair that is dry or very dry. And, even though it doesn't say that it can be used as a DC, I do use it with heat to DC with and it provides phenominal results. Now, when it comes to the smell of this product, I swear it smells like some type of laundry detergent. However the smell us not a huge deterrent from my stopping usage of this product at all. In regards to my hair, I have a naturally loose curl pattern (I do not hair type), my hair is naturally very dry, fine textured, low density, and is of high porosity as well. However, I highly recommend trying this conditioner no matter what type of curl pattern, hair texture, hair density, or hair porosity, you may have. As, this conditioner will be one that you will never want to stop using, after you try it!" - S.W.

"Omg I LOVE THIS STUFF!! I have 3C/4A hair and my curl detangles practically melt away and the definition is out of this world!" - iamnaturallyce

Favorite Deep Conditioner: Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner

Slip is a must-have on a curly girl's shopping checklist, and this DC checks that box. Community members like that this Mielle Organics DC leaves their hair feeling soft and makes the job of detangling much easier.

Why you love it

"I LOVE this product so much!! It has amazing slip and makes my hard incredibly soft, but strong! It replenishes my high porosity, fine strands perfectly! I highly recommend everyone try this out...I promise it will become an HG product in your routine as well!" - Danielle Alyce

"I love this deep conditioner! The slip makes it easy for me to detangle my hair. And the smell is amazing. I left my hair feeling soft and shiny." - Courtney

Favorite Leave-in: Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-In Conditioner

We all want moisture, but nobody wants their hair to be weighed down with product. This Mielle Organics Leave-In is a lightweight product that will give you just the right amount of hydration.

Why you love it

"I really like this leave-in. Helps moisturize, detangle, and soften my hair without giving it an oily/greasy feeling." - Dana P.

"This leave in was great left my hair hydrated! Will definitely purchase again" - Venita A.

Favorite Frizz Fighter: Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Original bottle of curl keeper original

Now that your hair is well-moisturized, it's time to lock in that curl definition without leaving behind a hard cast. This Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper is a long-time favorite for its liquid-y formula that wards off frizz.

Why you love it

"Defines my curls like no other product. Understand that it will dry crunchy but when you shake Out your hair it softens but keeps the definition. I have since bought a liter as I use a lot!" – Nancy W.

"I've been using curl keeper for years. I love that it is water based. I use a little now after applying Giovanni Direct Leave in. Makes my curls perform at its best every time." - Tehliurd

Favorite Oil: Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil

bottle of mielle organics mint almond oil

I have heard NaturallyCurly Editors raving about this oil, so I was not surprised to see this won a Best of the Best award. Whether you follow the LOC method or for your daily scalp massage, the curly community is loving this minty oil.

Why you love it

"I have 4b/c hair and use as the oil in the L.O.C method. I like the smell which is refreshing. I use a small amount per the instructions on the bottle which goes a long way towards invigorating my scalp and moisturizing my hair. I use on my teenagers and recommend." - andreawigfall

"The scent is so refreshing for an oil, considering I usually use a rose scented oil. I only use this oil on wet hair to keep moisture in, but it does that so well. My curls are really soft and I hope this oil lasts on my hair! I would definitely use this oil again." - fireflieslove

Favorite Styling Tool: Denman Brush

denman brush

Styling tools can be a controversial topic in the curly community. While some people swear by their brush or comb, others hate the breakage that can come with them. It seems you have come to a curly consensus over the Denman Brush for its ability to define your curls and coils in the styling process.

Why you love it

"Love this brush as a styling-curl-maker! Please do not use this brush to detangle because it will basically rip curls out depending on the thickness of your hair. Simply finger or comb detangle your hair with your leave in or styler then take the brush and use it to form curls at the END of your hair. Don't try to brush through your scalp with this brush because you'll want to cry." - CurlySassy

"Once you realize that this is for STYLING/SMOOTHING and not detangling, you'll understand why it's a 5 out of 5. . . . . I take out every other row of bristles and it's PERFECT for defining my coils and smoothing out my hair for shiny,long lasting twist outs. staple hair tool throughout the years." - atx_eve

Favorite Styling Pudding, Custard, or Butter: Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter

tub of camille rose naturals almond jai twisting butter

While this product has "Twisting" in the name, naturals love it for both wash and gos and twist outs. You want styling puddings, custards and butters to give your style long-lasting definition and moisture without the strong hold of a gel or cream gel, and this Camille Rose Naturals Twisting Butter does that like no other.

Why you love it

"I NEVER leave reviews as products for the most part in my experience have been mediocre at best, but when I tell you this product does it for me it truly does! I have never had hydrated smooth and shiny curls via twist out for so long with ANY other product! I have a mixture of 4a,b&c hair...beautiful curls when wet, but a tangled, wirey mess when dry. This stuff remedies all of that!! It also helped there was a discount offered through this site..Worth every penny! I will definitely be buying again!" – Martina B.

"Love this stuff!! A new holy grail for me for sure. Rarely does a hair product blow me away, but this stuff does it all. It detangles, defines, moisturizes, has great ingredients, and smells amazing. I think the price is reasonable as well. I use it for both wash and go's and twists/twist outs. I have already repurchased and I will continue to do so." - Marley F.

Favorite Styling Gel: Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Styling Gel

bottle of mielle organics honey & ginger styling gel

An effective styling product can make or break your wash and go, so we know you take this product category seriously. There's a fine balance between definition and crunch, and this Mielle Organics gel has nailed it.

Why you love it

"I've paired this with their leave in and avocado milk and I must say I can get to seven-day wash and go with this! After wash day I can be a lazy natural and really don't feel like fooling with it in the coming days. I just like to take down the pineapple and go and with this product, I was able to do that. Which makes this product easily holy grail status...I have purchased several more bottles. I have fine 4A color-treated hair and this works wonders!!" – Victoria

"No other gel I've ever used leaves my hair as smooth and touchable as this" – Tonya J.

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