Being a curly girl for over seven years, I have collected a lot of hair products and accessories for my hair. Some products I use on a regular basis, but there are some products that I just can’t live without like my shampoo and deep conditioner. I have also found that other products are nice to have in my hair regimen, but aren’t necessary. Here are a few of the products that I feel are nice to have in my regimen, but I can do without them.

If you have similar hair to mine and you’re in the process of building your product regimen, then it may be helpful to know what can wait until you’ve purchased the essentials. 


Pomades, also known as hair dressings, can be used several different ways for your hair. Pomades are used to slick curls down and mold different styles into place. It can also be used to give your hair extra shine and help your styles last longer. I love wearing high buns, but I prefer to achieve them using gels like Eco Styler gel and edge control to lay my edges down. So while this may be a great product for many curly girls, I can do without this in my regimen.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love a good co-wash, but if I had to go without using it I would survive. Over the years I have grown to love shampooing my hair over co-washing. I don’t co-wash as much as I used to when I first when natural.

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Rinse-out Conditioner

Rinse-out conditioners, also known as daily conditioners, are great products to have in your regimen, but I find that I don’t utilize them a lot. I am heavy on deep conditioning, so I tend to shy away from daily conditioners. Daily conditioners are used to make detangling easier, and place moisture back into your hair. I get the same benefits from using a deep conditioner, so I can go without a rinse-out conditioner.

Scalp Massager

Scalp massagers allow you to get the most out of your shampoo session by loosening dead skin cells and oil buildup, while also giving your scalp a soothing massage. They also help promote blood flow to your scalp, which can increase hair growth. I prefer to use my hands to massage my scalp, which allows me to get the same benefits. Scalp massagers are excellent tools to have in your regimen, but I can live without them.

Hair Polisher

Hair polishers are used as style finishers. They contribute to sealing and smoothing your hair’s surface, lessening heat damage, while preventing breakage and split ends. They are great moisturizers as well. Hair polishers can also be applied to the hair before the use of heat to prevent head damage. Since I don’t straighten my hair regularly, I don’t use hair polishers often.


I am big on finger detangling my hair and try to avoid using combs as much as I can. I prefer to use a detangling brush over a comb if I had to choose. I try to be as gentle as possible with my hair, so I avoid combs as much as I can.

What are some products that you think are nice to have in your regimen, but you can do without?

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