Have you ever wanted to know what are some of the best tips your stylist has for your natural hair or their must have products? I spoke with my favorite stylist in Chicago, Nadling Fletcher of Salon Pressure. She has been my stylist since I began my natural hair journey in 2009.

Nadling has been a stylist for over 18 years. She began as an apprentice right out of cosmetology school. After leaving her apprenticeship she already had a full clientele set up. She has worked at some of the top salons in west loop and south loop of Chicago. She developed a love for natural hair when she got a big chop in 1999 when she decided to grow her relaxer out and maintain her natural hair. This was before the time when natural hair was considered popular. 

How you educate your clients on the importance of a hair regimen between appointments?

Fletcher: “Talk to them, one client at a time. I ask them what they do at home, what their normal regimen is, and figure out ways to improve their normal routine. A lot of clients do not visit every week or two weeks. If clients visit every month they need to have a routine between their visits. I provide suggestions for quality products that for caring for their hair at home based on need. A regimen helps to keep the hair healthy between visits and it also helps their visit to be more efficient, and more cost effective. By having a home regimen my clients will see progress, and be able to achieve their hair goals.”

What is your top healthy hair advice?

Fletcher: “Listen to your body. As women we explore a lot of different techniques styles, and trends. As you explore these things if it is the right thing for you, listen to your body. For example, there is nothing wrong with exploring extensions but you need to make sure they are right for your hair. You can incur damage that can lead to alopecia if you are not careful. Take the proper steps to remain educated about what you are doing to your hair. Maintain a regimen between appointments, make sure you are properly moisturizing your hair, drinking water and eating healthy. Make sure to visit your healthcare professional if you are having any issues with your scalp that stylist can’t address. Any scalp issues beyond dandruff you should seek a dermatologist.”

What are some of your holy grail products?

Fletcher: “Design Essentials Almond and Avocado Co- Wash is a hit for me right now. I have been co-washing before there was a term created for it back in 1999. I also love Design Essentials Almond and Avocado Shampoo. The entire line of Design Essentials Naturals is good for sensitive scalp which most of my clients have.

What is your method of choice for cutting curly hair?

Fletcher: “Blowing the hair out to cut it is my method. I don’t mind the Deva cut method but most people's textures don't allow for a Deva cut. Some curls hang lower and looser than others. For people with lots of textures it is a little harder. If you straighten the hair out you will get the most accurate shape. The Deva cut does compensates for shrinkage control and texture differences.