In order to combat limp hair with the right hair products the answer is simple: trial and error.

Have you ever been super excited about trying a product only to have a major let down? As a stylist who specializes in natural hair, I have had my share of time in the lab with hundreds of curl patterns and hair types. I have learned that just because a product is labeled for “type 3 hair” doesn’t mean it was designed for your very porous curls. Let’s explore some of the factors that play into choosing products that won’t make your hair go limp.

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It starts with the right shampoo and conditioner.

If you are “that one” that likes to pile on products to ensure you get your hair good and saturated, start with a clarifying shampoo.

It is extremely important that you remove all build-up from your hair strands; not doing so will result in undernourished hair and nothing will penetrate. Everyone’s head of hair is different, so you may only need to clarify once a month whereas I only clarify once every two months.

On the flip side, I don’t use heavy creams and oils in my type 3a hair since it can become limp easily. I have 2 favorite clarifying shampoos Original Moxie Get Fresh Volumizing Shampoo and Up North Naturals Clean Curls Cleanser. Both shampoos remove build-up. However, if your hair leans more to the dry side, Up North Naturals would be a better choice. Follow with a moisturizing shampoo such as Surface Hair Care Curls Shampoo if your hair feels a little dry after your clarifier.

Every conditioner does not work for every hair type.

If you have fine hair, do not use conditioners with many heavy, non-penetrating oils. I hear clients say all of the time that they don’t use conditioners because they are scared that their hair gets weighed down and feels oily.

Sometimes the problem lies in the application of the conditioner — too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. When it comes to ingredients, I am in love with Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment – Gardenia-Coconut which wraps your hair in aloe, horsetail, and cupuacu butter. This conditioner can definitely nourish your hair and help keep it from going limp.

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Your styling product matters.

I wanted to get one of the Super Women of curly hair in Dallas, TX Haiya Rodriguez, to chime in on styling products. “Styling products are like the makeup of hair — it helps enhance and give you the look you’re going for,” says the owner of HER Curls.

It doesn’t make your hair better, just like makeup doesn’t make your skin better. A lot of people skip the nourishment part for their hair so they rely on packing a lot of styling products to give them the definition they want, but when they take it off whatever is lacking shows. Packing on a ton of styling products can leave your hair heavy and major build which leads to very dry and limp curls.” Haiya’s trophy styling products include Kevin Murphy’s Killer Curls and Young Again Oil. “I use them on ALL of my clients. Yes, all! The product line is plant based, paraben and sulfate-free. When your hair is properly nourished your styling, products will be minimal!”

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I am a firm believer that when you pile on a ton of product the hair becomes limp and often times feels gunky. A couple of my favorite styling products are My Honey Child Coconut Hair Gel for 3b to 4c hair texture types and Original Moxie Moisture Gel for types 2b to 4a.

Is it really that simple you say? Yes it is!

When you take the time to get to know your hair and find the right hair care regimen, you can say good bye to limp hair (unless you get rained on or participate in a wet t-shirt contest… then I cannot help you”>.

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