The Monat Global Let It Grow treatment system stimulates the natural regeneration of hair follicles to boost hair growth. The product line consists of the Monat Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo and a leave-in scalp spray called Monat Intense Repair Treatment, which do not contain sulfates, parabens, fragrances, DEA/MEA, and PEG, which are popular skin irritants. Theresa Toscano, a Monat Global Independent Market Partner, says that the Let It Grow treatment system can be used by anyone who wants stronger, healthier hair.

What are the ingredients in these products that restore the hair?

Toscano says, “Capixly is powered with red clover extract, a gentle emollient that reduces scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens hair, and hydrates the scalp to stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth. Capixyl combines both biochanin A and acetyl tetrapeptide-3.”

“Biochanin A is a powerful isoflavone and an effective inhibitor of 5-α-reductase (type I & II) activity, thus modulating the conversion of testosterone to DHT in androgenic alopecia.”

Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, is responsible for follicle shrinkage, which causes hairs to look thinner over time.

“Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 is biomimetic peptides, which stimulate tissue remodeling and have a direct effect on the hair follicle. The remodeling signal will increase the size of hair follicle for better hair anchoring and vitality.”

The second ingredient is called procataline, which has pea extract, a rich source of secondary metabolites, which deliver healthy nutrients to promote hair growth, and also reduces the production of dihydrotestosterone.”

Independent clinical studies are used for the active ingredients in the Let It Grow system.

How is this system different from Minoxidil?

The Intense Repair Treatment can be easily applied to the scalp and is less messy than using foams or liquids with dropper applicator. You can spray the product directly where you need it on the scalp with no worries of clogging your scalp. Like abyssinica seed oil, which mimics sebum, locks in moisture, and protects the scalp from dryness.

The scalp treatment contains a butylene glycol, an organic alcohol and humectant used to help other ingredients dissolve in water to thin the product for better spreadability. This oil traps water from the air and prevents the product from drying out the skin. It is the least irritating glycol found in beauty products.

How are these products different from hair vitamins?

You could use your hair vitamins in conjunction with topical treatments. This way, you work on nourishing the hair cells on the inside and use the Let It Grow system for scalp health. Theresa adds, “The formulas are unique in that they have a small molecular structure which allows the ingredients to penetrate deep down to the follicle and in to the cuticle, nourishing all three layers of the hair.”

How should Monat be used?

Theresa advises, “To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use the Intensive Repair Treatment two times every day. Once optimal results are achieved, someone could switch to a maintenance schedule. The shampoo is to be used as often as you cleanse.”

Remember, any scalp treatment you use to promote hair growth in a case of androgenetic alopecia has to be used forever otherwise your hair will start thinning again.

Can Monat be purchased in stores?

Monat can only be purchased through a Monat market partner. Give the product at least three to six months of consistent use before you decide if it’s working.

If you suffer with hair loss and want to try a topical treatment with gentle ingredients that are efficient, I recommend Monat Global Let It Grow treatment system, but you should always schedule a consultation with a dermatologist or trichologist if you are experiencing hair loss before you try a treatment. More information can be found at

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