2010 is sure to be a great year. You've probably already made a list of resolutions. Better budgeting, nutritional eating, and more physical activity are likely at the top of your list. Design Essentials wants you to also make a resolution to adopt a healthy hair care regimen. Without any further ado, here's the Design Essentials Top 10 Healthy Hair Essentials for 2010:

  1. Embrace your beauty and style. Learn to love your beauty and your uniqueness. After all, there's only one you and no one can love you better than you!
  2. Know your hair goals. Short or long? Natural or relaxed? Blond or black? Luckily, the world is your oyster. Figure out which look works best for your personal sense of style and lifestyle too.
  3. Find a professional stylist. You need an expert to help you reach your hair goals. You need a colorist to give you a new, sassy hue. And you really need a professional to tell you the truth about the state of your hair, even when you don't want to hear it. So, get yourself a professional stylist. Your hair is worth it!
  4. Try something new. Go for the inverted bob you've always wanted. Get that fiery red and make a statement. Or simply change the direction of your bangs. You might discover you have a new favorite style.
  5. Commit to conditioning. Treat your hair to a Saturday morning pampering session with Design Essentials. weekly conditioning treatments will help to keep your hair hydrated, healthy, and gorgeous. Fortunately, Design Essentials conditioners can be used alone or customized together to create a fusion of nourishing treatments.
  6. Practice home maintenance. Yes, you can keep your hair salon-fresh at home. Wrapping, pin-curling, and sleeping on satin pillowcases are a few of our favorite suggestions. However, talk to your stylist about specific tips for your hair type, texture, and style. They'll be glad to offer their expertise. After all, your hair represents their work.
  7. Have a healthy lifestyle. You've heard this before. But you really are what you eat. So if you want hydrated, shiny hair, drink plenty of water. If your hair needs strength, make sure your diet includes lean proteins like fish and chicken. Limit stress to limit shedding. And be sure to exercise which helps to stimulate growth.
  8. Get a trim! We know this is scary for some. But split ends are scarier. Split ends travel up the strand which can create the need for a major haircut. This can be prevented with the occasional trim. Bottom-line, get over your fear and get those weak, lifeless ends removed!
  9. Get some color! Color is an option for you if you need a subtle, dimension, or dynamic change. You can choose to lighten your strands with a high-lift color or you can enrich your natural hue with a semi or demi-permanent. But, the best part is you can do it all with Colaura® by Design Essentials.
  10. Get connected! Become a fan of our Design Essentials Facebook Page. It's a great way to hear from us and us from you. We also offer special incentives, gifts, and contests that are exclusive to those who are fans.