If conditioner is king to curly hair, then gel has got to be the queen. A good gel can make all the difference in your hair’s mood and look for the day. Gel takes on a whole new meaning when you are discussing curly and coily hair in comparison to relaxed hair. Gels were used when relaxed women wanted to slick down edges or to put their hair in a ponytail. For curly or natural hair it has a far less dramatic usage (well, not using gel on a rainy day will get pretty dramatic, trust me!), because gel on curly hair is for fighting frizz and flyaways and enhancing your curl definition.  

Curlies are always looking for moisture in hair products and any ingredients that will have drying effects to your tresses are products most of us tend to steer clear of. Alcohols, all types really, are considered bad for having drying properties, but not all alcohols are the same. There are good and bad alcohols and curlies just need to be aware of the differences.

Top 20 Curl Friendly Gels