If you are a curly then you’ve probably already heard of keratin treatments. They are different from relaxers but aside from that, how much do you really know? Many, including my daughter, have tried it with much success and loved it. In a natural nutshell, a keratin treatment is not the big bad relaxing wolf, but rather a good alternative to smooth out your curly tresses.

Keratin treatments are a semi-permanent hair smoothing system and not a straightener! They infuse the hair with keratin protein to keep it smooth and protected. Once the keratin treatment is applied, then the hair is straightened with a flat iron to seal in the treatment. Again, it does not straighten the hair but rather smooth it out and make straightening easier. They will allow you to straighten your hair quicker and easier while eliminating frizz. Yes, that means in humid climates as well. Calm down curlies, it’s only temporary ladies!

Now, with any process done to the hair there is upkeep and one major component is using the right products to maintain the treatment for as long as possible. One priority component is using the correct shampoo, a keratin shampoo that is specifically formulated to extend the life of your treatment. Using a regular shampoo will only quickly wash away your treatment, and your money will go down the drain with it.

Here are our top picks for keratin shampoos:

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