If you are looking for temporary color treatments, do not think you are limited. Whether you want something bright and
bold or something natural, you have many options that are friendly to your curls and pockets. When it comes to color
rinses, demi-permanent dyes, and semi-permanent dyes they can only deposit color, not lift, so unless you want a
hue that is darker than your current or natural hair color, do not expect a temporary hair color to lighten your
hair. If you do not know the difference between demi-permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes you can learn more at
The Scoop on Semi, Demi, and Temporary Hair Color. For brighter color try a hair spray or chalk would be a better
route to lighten your hair without lifting or permanent hair dye. Check out these Top 20 Temporary Hair Color Products:

Top 20 Temporary Hair Colors

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