Torch and friends

It was a night of curl education and curl celebration at Curl Freedom 2007.

Over 100 curlies gathered at Toronto's Memorial Hall Sept. 29 for the event, which was hosted by Canadian curl guru Jonathan Torch of the Curly Hair Institute, creator of the Curly Hair Solutions line of products.

The event was hosted by Toronto celeb Sandra Pittana. Gretchen Heber and Michelle Breyer from were honored to be guests of honor at the event.

Torch gave styling and color demonstrations to show off the latest techniques for curly hair, where a variety of colors are used to create richness, shine and depth.

He also introduced his newest Curly Hair Solutions product, Tweek, a unique hairspray in a cream form. It will be available later this year.

Fashion and beauty experts also were on hand to give advice and showcase the latest makeup and fashion trends for the upcoming season.

For many who attended, one of the biggest highlights was the curly fellowship that filled the room. From long ringlets to short kinks, every curl type was represented. Women shared their stories of how they had come to peace with their curls. For some, it was a long road of bad haircuts, flat irons and tears. One teen who attended the event said she has loved her curls since she was a child, and considers them one of her best assets.

Everybody came away with a renewed appreciation of what it means to be curly.