When I began transitioning to natural hair I noticed how difficult it was to keep my hair moisturised. I assumed I was using the wrong hair products or that my hair was just naturally dry until I came across a diagram of how to do a hair porosity test.

The test

I followed the instructions and found out that I have low porosity, great! But now what? Scientifically, low porosity hair is “‘hydrophobic’ meaning it repels water from its surface.” So, that explains why your hair might really dry out in the sun, swimming and after using chemicals. My hair was highly affected by my bleached blonde highlights.

What works for me

Diluting my conditioners with water in a spray bottle gives my hair more moisture so I like to avoid products that don’t include Aqua in the first 2-3 ingredients. I also try to apply my leave-in conditioner after washing my hair whilst I am still in the shower and my hair is soaking wet. I then wrap with a T-Shirt and begin to style after.

Rehydrating/misting my hair daily or when needed also helps to keep it soft and detangled. I have also found that my hair holds moisture more during a steamy environment. I once deep conditioned during a visit to my Gym’s steam room and it transformed my hair! This is now why I always make sure to add heat to my deep conditioners using a heat cap. The steam/heat binds the conditioner to your hair giving it maximum hydration and softness.

Pre-Poo treating my hair hours before my wash routine can benefit in a great and longer lasting wash and go! I like to penetrate my hair with Coconut oil or Olive Oil (A light oil is best for low porosity hair). I then detangle my hair gently and leave the oil on for a few hours or even sometimes overnight (wrapped in a shower cap, no one likes to wake up to oil stains on your pillowcase!).

Products that help me

With these techniques I like to use products that will also add more moisture to the hair, after 2 years of transitioning I have found the following products to work well for moisturising my low porosity hair.

What has worked for you and your low porosity hair?