Cassidy shows us the process and results of trying out the new Paul Mitchell Curl products on her own hair.

Yes, the new line of Paul Mitchell Curl products were the hottest thing to debut at The Gathering this year, but as every curly will surely want to know: do they actually work?

After getting the low down on the four new products from VP of Education Stephanie Kocielski, I couldn't wait to get them on my curls! As an avid traveler and an admittedly lazy styler, I love multi-purpose products that allow me to reduce the number of products I need for my styling routine. Two stand out products in the line include:
  • The sulfate-free Detangling Shampoo that promises to both cleanse and provide sufficient slip for working a comb through it
  • The Twirl Around styler, which combines a cream and gel giving it both the moisture and hold
With a combination shampoo + conditioner and a moisturizing styler, I could maybe, just maybe, get away with using two products rather than four! What a dream!
I woke up early on the first day of The Gathering like it was Christmas morning, giddy with excitement to try out the new products. Here's how it went:

Trying the NEW Paul Mitchell Curl products

The Cleanser, Leave-In and Styling Gel Cream on my 4a coils

Pretty groovy, right? Well we all know that you can't make a final judgement call on sopping wet hair so I recorded a second video when my curls were fully dry before I headed out for the night.

How it all turned out

My final review once my coils were fully dry

To learn more about the products

Check out this video featuring the Paul Mitchell VP of Education.

Final Thoughts

After sleeping with a satin night cap, I woke up the next morning to enjoy superb second day hair. I was impressed again by the fact that I can go through my whole wash'n'go styling routine with only two products and how touchably soft my hair was. The Paul Mitchell educators, such as Robert Cromeans or LaDonna, all encourage the cocktailing and mixing of products and I look forward to playing with different variations, uses and applications.

Cassidy Blackwell

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Ingredients? (There are certain, commonly-used hair product ingredients that I either like to have included or really need to avoid, so I never try a product without first knowing what's in it). Also -- smell? Besides "awesome" ;-D (Even if a product feels great on my hair, if the smell is overpowering or simply a scent I don't want to walk around smelling like, it's a definite deal breaker).

My salon is a Paul Mitchell salon, so I'm sure my stylist will use these on my hair as soon as she gets them. Currently she coils my hair using the Round Trip and/or Fast Form, so I'm looking especially looking forward to trying this new styler!