Monica Carruthers creator of UR Curly line

I had the chance to meet the lovely creator of the U R Curly line, Monica Carruthers, at the 2012 Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show. When asked why she developed the line, the veteran stylist with 21 years of experience, shared that the development of U R Curly started with her own personal natural hair journey. When she started going natural 10 years ago, Monica found that the market for hair care products suited to her unique needs was lacking. As a result, she set about creating the kinds of product she and her clients needed, and U R Curly was born!

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The Secret Ingredient

Anyone that has had a chance to try her products is familiar with the unique cooling and tingling sensation you feel when you apply them. This pleasant effect is due to the menthol used in the shampoo and conditioner. This is an ingredient commonly used in skin care products, but is more unusual in hair care, so I asked Monica why it was included in the U R Curly line. Her response? “The sensation of the menthol on the scalp lets you know that the products are working!” Another uncommon ingredient I was curious about was the Quinoa used in the conditioner. Monica explained that her research showed that it was an excellent source of amino acids and protein and so it served as the perfect companion to the soy protein in the shampoo.

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Styling Tips

Another question “tingling” in my brain, was about the proper way to use the Tight and Loose Curl Enhancers. Boy am I glad that I asked, because her answer was an epiphany! I mistakenly thought that the Loose Curl Enhancer was for curly girls with a looser curl pattern while the Tight Curl Enhancer was for those with tighter coils. In fact, both styling products utilize the same ingredients. However, the Tight Curl Enhancer is more concentrated to offer a “tighter” hold, while the Loose Curl Enhancer offers a “looser” hold, making both of them invaluable tools in any curly girl’s arsenal. And at the line's budget friendly prices (each product retails at about $9-$10) and easy availability, you can try all four products available now.

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