In my household, we easily have over 50 products for our type 2 hair. We need different wavy hair products for different seasons and the effects of low and high humidity.

Last spring, I won a large basket of hair care products from a local salon, and although my daughter and I are still experimenting with the products, some of them have been ruled out as too drying or too weighty for either my fine or her coarse strands of hair.

Of course that doesn’t mean that we’ve ever parted with the products. We’re certain that any day someone will walk through our front door in need hair help, and we’ll have the perfect product for them! Until that day though, take it from us, here are some heavy wavy hair products that you can totally live without!

Weighty Straighty

We love our curls to shine, but found the Biosilk Silk Therapy by Farouk Systems to be too heavy for our hair. We love sleek shiny hair, but this doesn’t give us the shine, just the weight that goes right to straight. Hours later, my hair seems to be full of static as well.

My daughter doesn’t like Regis Luxe Conditioner (one of our freebies) because it seems to make her hair appear oily by the next day. Yuck! Neither one of us likes Design Line Volumizing Mousse with the strongest hold as it doesn’t hold any wave or volume in our hair, but it does like to dry it out.

Garnier Rules

You’ll find plenty green bottles and tubes of the Garnier hair care line littered throughout our bathrooms, but neither one of us likes the Super Stiff Ultra Hold gel or the Fiber Gum. Both products hold our styles for about five seconds. They’re probably perfect for short spiky hair, and neither one of us sport that style. We’re simply in a constant search for products to HOLD our waves (or curls when we decide to get dressy) from the curling iron.

Say "No" to Sulfates

Kathryn of Hair Today in Las Cruces, NM says that woman with wavy hair “should stay away from any sulfate-based shampoos and oil-based conditioners. The scalp produces all the oil the hair needs and using products that put more coating or oil on the hair weighs it down. She should go as long as possible between shampoos. When she does wash her hair, she needs to rinse with cold water.”

I had heard that rinsing with cold water pumps up the hair follicle. I knew sulfates were bad for the environment, but I didn’t know they could weigh down my waves. I’m assigning the cleansing-our house-of-sulfate-containing-hair-products task to my daughter as soon as she gets home from school!

Genevieve Rodriguez, one of the senior student stylists at Olympian University of Cosmetology,  feels the Mardan relaxer products for fine, wavy hair are too heavy. She suggests that clients let stylists assess their hair type and recommend the best treatments, rather than picking something up at the drugstore.

“What is good for one client’s wavy hair won’t be good for another client’s hair.” Rodriguez says.

Sounds like an individualized prescription from a doctor to me, which makes perfect sense. I know if my daughter and I had received advice from a stylist prior to buying some of the wavy hair products scattered around our house, I probably would have saved myself hundreds of dollars over the years. Well, not counting the freebies.

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Final Thoughts

What wavy hair products have turned your type 2 waves into straight strands, and which ones totally rock?