Ask any wavy or curly girl if they have hair goals and the short answer is yes. Ask them to be more specific, and more than likely you'll get these two statements: I want to retain my current hair length, or I want my hair to grow longer.

Veteran hair and beauty blogger Diane Mary is known for testing numerous techniques and products promising to address these desires--especially after she did a semi big chop last year in an effort to eliminate chemical damage. Today, the guru has finally found a winner for fast-tracking her own hair goals. As longtime fans, we were excited to learn more about the prized hair supplements she speaks so highly of on her blog, Diane Mary Beauty.

How long have you been taking hair vitamins?

At least since 2010, probably before that though.

I have been taking Viviscal religiously since December 2015 although I have taken it for periods before that. I did stop a few times just to try out other brands such as Hairfinity, Follicle Fuel, and Hair Essentials. Ultimately, I went back to Viviscal because I really liked the results and trusted the brand.

How do you take your hair supplements? (with food? in the morning? etc.)

It is recommended by Viviscal to take the supplement twice a day for first six months as part of a four-stage system:

  • Stage 1: Nourish the follicles.
  • Stage 2: Strengthen and promote existing hair follicles.
  • Stage 3: Promote the growth of existing hair where it has slowed or stopped.
  • Stage 4: Hair has become stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Then, it is recommended to take the supplement once a day after that period. Since I really want the maximum hair health possible, I still take them twice a day.

I take one in the morning along with my other vitamins I take for health, and then I take one again with dinner. I find that pairing my consumption of Viviscal with meals is helpful since I will not forget to eat a meal. As a result, I will not forget to take my hair supplement.

Have you noticed any negative side effects when taking them?

I have not.

How soon did you start noticing results in your hair when taking Viviscal?

It's hard to pinpoint, exactly. I partly view Viviscal as a preventative measure since I started taking them again when my hair was at its worst. I was dealing with excessive breakage, bleached ends, and so on.

I have been taking the hair supplement to coincide with my goal of overall healthy hair growth. It has really let me hair grow back into the best that it can be. While I understand that nothing will actually make my hair grow faster, I do think they help with growth as much as naturally possible.

The supplements also help keep my hair thick. Since hereditary hair loss runs in my family, I take them to hopefully stop that problem before it even begins.
Diane Mary, beauty blogger

Where do you get yours from and how much is it?

I usually pay $50 for a month-long supply. It's not cheap, but my hair is important to me, so I make that investment. i will usually get it at CVS or Walgreens with a manufacturer coupon for $10 (I am all about savings). Today, they had a half-off special! No joke, I just bought a year's worth.

Aside from Viviscal, I have been taking biotin for years as well. It's also worth noting that no hair supplement can replace a healthy diet for healthy hair--they just help assist the diet.

Have you tried a hair supplement promising hair growth goals?