One of the best perks of working at NaturallyCurly is the never ending supply of new and exciting products to try. Another perk? Getting insightful tips and advice straight from the source of those products! Cristina and Evelyn had never tried a Combing Creme before, so they called Lisa Price, Founder of Carol's Daughter to find out where it fits in the hair regimen (before the shower? after?) and how to use it for their hair types.

Cristina and Evelyn found out that the Carol's Daughter 4-in-1 Combing Creme fits in wherever your moisturizing step is in your routine. For Cristina that's typically right out of the shower when her hair is soaking wet, she applies a moisturizer to her hair, focusing on the ends and blots her hair with a t-shirt. When she used the Sacred Tiare Combing Creme she found that it helped clump and define her Type 2C waves. Because the Combing Creme is not a styling product, it does not provide hold, so Cristina followed up with her cream gel to keep her defined curls in place. Evelyn used the Hair Milk Combing Creme to detangle her Type 4B coils using her fingers and found that it had plenty of slip and made her detangling process easy to manage. After detangling Evelyn applied a light hold gel and followed her normal twist out routine. 

Have you tried the Carol's Daughter 4-in-1 Combing Creme yet? How did you use it?

This article is sponsored by Carol's Daughter.