Having separate collection for fine, dry, brittle, and color-treated hair can be confusing, because someone can identify with all of those categories. I love options, who doesn’t? But when brands have so many options, it can be overwhelming. After a while most, if not all, of the product claims start to overlap -  nourish, moisturize, condition, repair, and reduce frizz, the list goes on! And we know that at the root of all of those issues is one thing: moisture. So w hat is a curly girl to do? We took one brand, Curl Junkie, and compared three of their styling products so you don't have to: Curls in a Bottle, Curl Queen, and Pattern Pusha. We enlisted the expertise of product chemist  Sister Scientist, who broke down the formulas of each and their benefits. Then we tested the products on our own hair to bring you this easy guide!

Curls in a Bottle

Immediately you'll notice that this gel has an almost water-like consistency, so if you like light, runny products that leave your curls feeling soft to the touch, this is for you. If you prefer strong hold or a thick formula, give this one a miss.

NaturallyCurly Editor Devri tested all three products on her own hair, here is what she thought of the consistency, hold, and how she applied each.

Devri's review: I applied on soaking wet high porosity, thick, coarse, color-treated 3C curly hair. The consistency was the runniest of the three and its scent is light for someone with a sensitive nose like mine. The product felt like satin on my hands and when I applied it to my hair, it coated smoothly. I experienced no flakiness.

What is it best for?

Adding shine, maintaining and enhancing your curls.

Who should use it?
  • Wavy hair - its runny consistency gives featherlight hold for soft curls
  • Fine hair - its light formula won't weigh hair down
  • Low porosity hair - if products seem like they usually sit on top of your hair, this formula is ideal for quick absorption into stubborn, low porosity strands

Curl Queen

This glycerin-free gel is enriched with conditioning and frizz smoothing plant proteins and starches. It is thicker than the Curls in a Bottle, with a medium consistency.

Devri's review: I applied on soaking wet high porosity, thick, coarse, color-treated 3C curly hair. This is also a thick, slow-moving gel, but it did not feel heavy on my hair or weigh it down. It helped my curls clump with minimal crunch and lots of definition. My volume also wasn't compromised. The scent is not overbearing, which was great for my sensitive nose. This gel contains strengthening wheat protein, which helped me feel good about using this. It added a natural sheen coating to my curls that lasted all day. For hours on end, my curls have remained soft and defined.

What is it best for?

Fighting frizz and giving curl definition.

Who should use it?
  • Wavy, curly or coily hair - the medium consistency helps control frizz for all hair types
  • Humid conditions - its glycerin-free formula is non-sticky, for humid climates
  • Fine hair - helps provide extra volume
  • Low porosity hair - wheat protein adds strength while aloe vera intensifies moisture

Pattern Pusha

This has the thickest consistency of the three, giving a stronger hold for those who like more control and extra definition. The ingredient panthenol helps to smooth frizz.

Devri's review: This gel has the same viscosity as maple syrup, so it is somewhat thick and felt heavy on my curls while applying, but I did not mind. It gave my curls some crunch but a lot of definition. My curls didn't clump, but they're not stringy looking, either. The xanthan gum and slippery elm bark extracts smoothed down my frizz halo.

What is it best for?

Fighting frizz in humid conditions, and giving strong hold for curl definition.

Who should use it?
  • Curlies, coilies and wavies who like stronger hold gels
  • Fine & thick hair - the formula clumps your curls and enhances definition

Do you wish brands provided more clarity about their products? Which products within brands would you like to see compared?