We recently became aware of a new category of hair product. And if you're a Product Junkie (like we are) then this news is very, very exciting.  The product is called a combing creme, or "creme para pentear" as the Brazilians call it (pentear means comb in Portuguese). Right now you may be wondering where a combing creme goes in a hair routine, or thinking to yourself "but I don't comb my hair" - we were too. So we took our questions to Carol's Daughter, who just released their own line of Combing Cremes inspired by the popular Brazilian product.

How do Brazilian women use combing cremes?

When Lisa Price, Founder of Carol's Daughter, recently travelled to Brazil she found combing cremes were a staple for Brazilian women, they were "using the combing cremes for extra moisture, for controlling frizz, for battling the humidity that they encounter day in and day out being so close to the beach." Whether you live near the beach or not, a product that can do all of that is probably sounding pretty appealing right about now. So Carol's Daughter got to work developing formulas that would work for us, because Lisa knew "we needed amazing detangling, we need moisture of course, we need to battle frizz, we need definition for our curls."

What is a combing creme?

Think of a combing creme as a BB cream for your hair - BB creams can moisturize and protect the skin, they can be used as a primer for your foundation or worn by themselves. Combing cremes have moisturizing benefits for your hair and works as a base to prime your hair for your styling products, or you can use it on its own for second or third day hair.

The entire Carol's Daughter range is designed to prep and prime your hair for styling, but it's important to choose the formula that suits your curl concerns. If your hair feels fragile, fine or frizzy, and you want smoother styles then use the Sacred Tiare Combing Creme. If you're looking to enhance the definition of your curls, coils or waves then you want the Hair Milk Combing Creme. And if your hair is dry, brittle or dull and you need extra hydration and shine, go with the Black Vanilla.

Do we need to apply a leave-in conditioner after a combing creme? What about a styler?

With the Carol's Daughter combing cremes, you won't need to apply a leave-in conditioner afterwards. For styling, feel free to use whatever styling products you like after you've applied the combing creme.

Do combing cremes provide hold?

Our combing creme was not created as a styling product but rather as a detangler and conditioner to prep for styling your hair.

So "combing cremes" are not just for combing. How else can we use them?

You don't have to use a comb to use a combing cream! Many curly girls detangle with their fingers and that works just as well. These cremes really work to loosen your tangles, whether you use a comb or not. Here are a few other ways you can use a combing creme:

  1. Apply it as a leave-in moisturizer to dry or damp hair
  2. Enhance shine for dull 2nd day hair
  3. Reduce frizz in high humidity
  4. Mix it with your favorite gel for moisture and hold
  5. Refresh your curls, coils or waves for 2nd day, 3rd day and 4th day hair

If you're curious and want to give combing cremes a try, the Carol's Daughter collection just launched this month and is available at Target! And if you've already tried them let us know what your experience was in the comments!

This article is sponsored by Carol's Daughter.