Dear CurlySuzy: I was wondering if you know of any curly hair products that can make your hair grow a little faster..I have type 3b hair and I got my hair just trimmed in the beginning of September and it looks as if my hair hasn't grown at all since it got trimmed..(and its not just me who thinks that!) Some of my hair isn't even touching my shoulders and I really really want it to grow longer. When it's short my ends have way too much body in them and I feel like a triangle! And if I use a diffuser to give my roots more body to match my ends it gets too poofy and I hate it. Also is there any products that you recommend that have protein in them? I have breakage in the back of my head and a hairdresser said I should get some products with protein. Thank you so much!

Dear Stacie: Here are some products that might help with getting your hair to grow. Growing longer curls sometimes takes a huge amount of patience. Also here are some product suggestions that have protein in them. They are deep conditioners. They work best if you leave them on for 30 minutes with heat and then follow with a cool rinse. Please email me if you have any more questions.

Nourish Hair Nutrition Vitamins

HPO Happy Scalp Oil

Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair

Elucence Moisture Extended Moisture Repair Treatment