When Subscribers Revolt: Glamfun's Response to Her Hair Journey

2014-06-05 14:18:52

When Subscribers Revolt: Glamfun's Response to Her Hair Journey

YouTuber Glamfun addresses the backlash surrounding her decision to relax her hair.


Do you feel pressured to transition back to natural?

I do not feel pressure to transition back to natural, so much so that I am transitioning in my own way. I will not be big chopping any time soon. I will be growing my hair out under wigs. I would like people to know that if it weren’t for wigs, I would have never vlogged naturally. I wore a wig everyday for a year. I washed and conditioned every weekend and my hair grew out thick and healthy. I had thick and healthy hair once; that is when I started to want to talk about my 4c hair. I was so in love with my thick beautiful natural 4c hair that I got from wearing wigs and taking care of my hair on the weekends that I wanted to talk about it and share my success. It wasn’t until I tried to style it, follow people in the natural hair community, and used products that other vloggers were promoting when my hair started to break off and dry out.

Do you think it is ok for women to not like their natural hair? It’s one thing to prefer straight hair, but what about an inferiority complex?

It is very easy for a woman to not like their natural hair when it is underrepresented and sometimes made fun of. That is why I think a person with kinky, 4c hair would find it hard to like their hair in the beginning. I hated my hair the first time I big chopped my hair. I don’t think there is anything wrong with not liking your hair in the beginning. I actually think it is quite normal. Not only is real 4c hair not represented in a world perspective, extra kinky 4c hair is also looked down upon in the natural hair community. When most people go natural they at some point pray that their hair will not be extra kinky as they put the gel in their hair and wait for it to curl. When it doesn’t start curling like the girl on YouTube, then you start to think you’re doing something wrong. Then, you try every product under the sun and you still don’t get that curl. Not only can it be frustrating, it can get depressing and strip you of your self-confidence because you can start to feel unattractive. Nobody in the natural hair community looks like you and they promote products that don’t work for the hair type. The natural hair communities depiction of what beautiful natural hair is (3c, 4a, 4b) sets a 4c-headed girl up for failure with a constant promotion of unattainable results with a 4c hair texture. That is why I started wearing wigs. All of a sudden under a wig my hair started to grow. I used minimal products. I learned how to look cute with a wig on and my natural hair was growing big and beautiful. I was more than happy and so was my hair. The natural community started to believe that I hated my hair and that is why I wear wigs. When in actuality, wigs embraced my 4c natural hair more than information from the natural hair community.


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