When I first started dating my now husband in 2009, I was in the process of transitioning my hair back to natural. The funny thing is my husband had just begun his Loc journey at the same time. We were somewhat transitioning to natural together. I felt like we have always been on the same wavelength when it comes to natural hair. He never had a problem with me transitioning back to natural, he actually encouraged it. He was and still is my biggest supporter with my natural hair , actually with everything in my life! Here are some reasons why my husband loves my natural hair.


My husband loves the versatility of my hair. It's basically like he is dating a new girl every time my hair changes! He loves my hair straight, curly and when it's in a protective style. I think he loves my twist outs the most. He always tells me that the bigger my hair, the better. When I was going to cut my hair, I did ask my husband if he would be ok with it. He knew that my hair was severely damaged and encouraged me to cut it because he understood that the health of my hair is more important than the length. He encourages me and compliments me with every style I try. He does like me to wear my natural hair versus weaves. I always find myself asking him, "Do you like my hair?” I think as women we always want confirmation from our spouse , but I love that he accepts me and loves my hair the way it grows out of my head.

He Can Use My Products

My husband loves the fact that some of the products that I use on my hair, he can also use for his locs. He loves taking my spray liquid leave in conditioners and using it to refresh his hair. The biggest benefit of being somewhat of a product junkie is that he gets to use my products. He loves the fact that he does not have to buy anything for his hair and that he can use my products.

He Loves That I am Setting an Example For Our Daughter

My husband loves that I set an example for our daughter to love her natural hair. Since I didn’t get a chance to embrace my curls as a young girl, I am determined to teach my daughter to love and embrace her natural hair. The examples I set for my daughter are important because she watches my every move. I make it my priority to continuously educate myself on how to properly take care of my hair, so that I can continue to keep both of our hair natural and healthy.

He Loves That I Inspire Others To Embrace Their Natural Hair

My husband has been my biggest supporter of my natural journey and everything that it has to offer. He is always telling women that he knows about my blog. Empowering and inspiring other women is my passion and my husband loves that my natural hair helps me to do this. He knows that I love to talk to other curly girls for hours on how to care for their hair.

Does your spouse love your natural hair?