If you have read even one curly hair article then you've probably heard that fuzzy, terrycloth towels are bad for us. But in the absence of a towel, how else are you supposed to dry your soaking wet curls?

You could use a t-shirt, but some people find it difficult to fit all of their hair into them. You could use a microfiber towel, but you might need to use a clip or band to secure it. NaturallyCurly Editor Amanda has been using the best of both worlds: a Curly Tee Towel. This is how Amanda feels about it:

"The Curly Tee Towel is now a staple. Absolutely brilliant. Can't live without it. This is my favorite product we have ever received! This is a simple yet brilliant innovation! Now when I am getting dressed I can applying my beauty products without water dripping down my face, neck, and clothes! This is perfect to wear while getting ready for a formal event and you want to wear the perfect wash and go!"

The Curly Tee Towel looks a little bit like a baby onesie - like a t-shirt that has the bottom and sleeves sealed. The sleeves are longer than a t-shirt and easy to tie in a knot, and the bottom is closed off so that wet hair doesn't drip all over your back. Plus, using this to dry your hair has many benefits:

  • Protecting your hair with this microfiber fabric can reduce breakage to help you retain length
  • When you take your hair down, your wash and go will have less frizz
  • Tie the drawstring around your head for a snug fit that will stay put while you sleep
  • The 100% cotton jersey fabric is safe for all hair types, even wigs and extensions. 


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