Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

We here at Curly Hair Solutions are proud to announce our Facebook Contest, where you have the chance to win big! To enter the contest, "Like" Curly Hair Solutions on Facebook for a chance to win a year's supply of Curl Keeper.

It's that easy! So quickly, "Like" Curly Hair Solutions on Facebook today and get CHS Facebook status reminders and contest hints of when CHS is giving away the year's supply of Curl Keeper!

How to Win: Between January 10 and February 10, Curly Hair Solutions will randomly pick a day the contest will open, and then the 30th person to tag themselves in a picture modeling their gorgeous locks will receive a year's supply of Curl Keeper.

Over the past few years, social media has become an intricate part in how our team at Curly Hair Solutions speaks to its consumers and fans all over the world. We first started with our website, where our fans could learn hair tips, find out about specials, browse products and learn new and innovative ways to style and cut their curly hair from Jonathan Torch. We have since embraced social media and are always looking for inventive ways to connect with our fans on a one-to-one bases. Check out our Facebook group Curly Hair Solutions and become a fan! Our fans can ask curly hair questions, learn hair tips, post comments on our wall, tag themselves in photos showcasing their gorgeous curls, browse our product line-up, find what type of products to use for their curly hair type, become a curly hair club member, win free prizes, enter CHS contests, along with hearing about our new and exciting deals every month!

Want to ask Curly Hair Solutions or Jonathan Torch a direct question? Then follow us on Twitter @FrizzOff. Thanks to Twitter, our followers have the outlet and forum to ask questions about their curly hair, the CHS product line-up or anything they would like to know about Jonathan Torch, The Curly Hair Institute, or the Curly Hair Solutions family. @FrizzOff is a great place to see what’s happening up to the minute with Curly Hair Solutions. From tweeting hair tips, CHS news, free samplings of CHS products or if you just feel like taking about your curly hair, @FrizzOff on Twitter is a great place to interact with the CHS family.

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