An all-in-one product that protects hair while your sleep, in the shower, and during deep treatments?

Yes, this is a product that actually exists--meet the All Caps Hair Protector. Not just your average hair bonnet, because it is so much better than that! Not to mention, the line is made in the USA and is environmentally friendly too.

What the brand says about their cap

"All Caps is a soft, flexible cap that easily adjusts to the size of your head and length of your hair for a more comfortable, customized fit. It features innovative fabric technology to protect hair in the shower, at the spa, and even in bed. The reversible design also keeps clothes, furniture, pillowcases, and other surfaces mess-free while doing hair masks and other restorative treatments, like Keratin. And unlike your past shower caps, All Caps is fungus-resistant and machine washable."

The brand describes the interior as a "silky, low-friction fabric [that] helps prevent breakage, reduces static, and protects hair from creasing or falling flat. And the exterior is soft, whisper-quiet, and environmentally friendly PolyUrethane is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and fungus-resistant."

My initial thoughts

  • The size: Not only is this cap big enough to fit all of my hair inside, but the best part is the fact that it has stretchy cords so that it can rest comfortably on my head without digging into my skin and causing a bad tension headache (I cannot tell you how many shower caps and sleep bonnets had a tight elastic band inside that just plain hurt). This feature alone truly makes the cap purchase worth it for me.
  • The band: It is surrounded by a microfiber terry cloth material that can absorb up to 8 times its weight in 2 seconds.
  • The material: Inside and outside, the reversible cap is unique due to its loops and buttons, which will help you keep the cap off your neck without ruining your hairstyle or disrupting your curl pattern.
  • The traveling perk: For your convenience, the brand includes a nice travel friendly bag for the cap to travel in with you.

My final review

I have slept in the cap a few times now and it is nice to wake up without my hair looking or feeling like a complete disaster. I have also replaced my every day shower cap with it because this one actually stays on my head better--I do not have to worry about conditioner dripping down my neck or forehead as much. It is super easy to clean in the washing machine and does not stretch out super fast like cheapie drugstore shower caps we are all used to using. The All Caps Hair Protector far exceeded my expectations and now that I have it, I don't want to be without it!

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