With an exciting series of innovative eco-initiatives, Zotos International — parent company of Joico, ISO and Bain de terre — has embarked on an extensive strategy to lead the beauty industry in environmental responsibility.

"Manufacturers consume 30 percent of the nation's total energy, and renewable energy is almost non-existent in industrial settings" says Zotos President and CEO Ron Krassin. "But this company has a reputation for beautiful, healthy hair, so it's clear that our products must be created in the healthiest possible way — healthy for our customers, healthy for our communities and healthy for our planet."

Eco-awareness is not new to Zotos, but the company has stepped it up by working with the experts at its Geneva, New York, manufacturing facility to change the ways in which it operates.

wind power

An online wind power program will provide a substantial amount of Zotos' energy.

The company's ongoing eco-initiatives include:

  • Innovative advances in packaging technology resulting in the use of up to 70 percent post-recycled consumer material in each bottle by 2010. As much as 80 percent of all plastic bottles can end up in landfills.
  • On-site electricity conservation programs have reduced energy consumption as much as 70 percent in key areas. Zotos' lighting program is the equivalent of removing 245 cars from the road each year, saving 158,000 gallons of gas and planting 381 acres of trees.
  • Water conservation and reclamation programs reduced water usage by 5 percent per unit and eliminated hazardous waste in water streams.
  • Reduced usage of paper and paperboard, leading to a savings of 72 tons.
  • Increased efficiencies in materials sourcing and in rail, road and air transportation have resulted in an aggregate reduction of more than 11 percent in carbon dioxide emissions — the equivalent of planting 8,000 new trees.
  • The factory's ethanol byproducts are now recycled into an alternative fuel source, eliminating all hazardous waste and providing the company with substantial annual savings on hazardous waste disposal fees.
  • A revolutionary on-site, wind-generated power program will provide as much 60 percent of the manufacturer's electricity requirements by 2010, with ultimate plans to take the facility completely off the grid by 2010 — supply 100 percent of its electricity. "Wind is the leading renewable energy source," said Krassin. "It burns no fuel and creates no air or water pollution byproducts."

"We have always been committed to helping stylists make their clients beautiful in the healthiest way possible," said Krassin. "Now, we have extended that commitment to keeping our world beautiful and healthy as well."