Traditionally, the go-to protective styles for protecting our delicate ends and retaining length have been our treasured twist-outs and extensions. However, recently in the natural hair scene we’ve noticed a newfound craving for wigs!

When our Mommas and Big Mommas rocked a wig back in the day, it was blatantly obvious to all that there was something very peculiar going on above their scalp.  Wigs were the antithesis of a “natural” look.  Today however, wigs are more popular than ever before.  Women are really enjoying them because wigs are looking more natural, with way more customization - and there is no longer such a critical taboo associated with them. 

The YouTube era has allowed us to evolve to a point of desiring transparency in how we achieve various styles of beauty transformation.  The more information and visual tutorials being shared, the more accepting we've become of wigs as a very common and popular protective styling option.  Women really enjoy the transparency of seeing a good custom wig created and put on.  Plus the sophisticated enhancements to such seamless customizations, achieved by the most cutting edge tweezing techniques, are simply amazing.

Here are the top 3 protective wig options that are becoming more and more popular thanks to our fave natural hair bloggers creating a new styling league of our own.

Photo Courtesy of @SalonPK

Level 1: U Part

U parts are for the wig beginner, looking to venture into a new protective styling wig without diving headfirst into wig territory.  With the U part all of the hair is braided down, except a little leave out that creates a U part.  It allows for a woman to incorporate some of her real hair to feel comfortable because she’s using her own natural hairline and scalp.  U part tutorials have become very popular amongst many natural hair bloggers as well.

Photo Courtesy of @SalonPK

Level 2: Lace Frontal

Lace frontals make use of hair tied into a very thin and fine lace, and does a great job of mimicking a natural hairline.  Lace frontals can customize the hairline through a “tweezing” process, to create natural variations.  This is the go-to option for the woman who wants to add volume, length, or wants to try a different color – while protecting all of her hair and not leaving any of it out.

Photo Courtesy of @SalonPK

Level 3: Full Lace

With full lace wigs, lace from the front is the base for the entire wig, so there is more customization throughout the wig in terms of density.  The full lace is for that “Protective Diva” who wants to show up and show out with a protective style.  She plans on doing a lot with her wig – wearing it half up, half down, ponytails, plus more – and the full lace gives her the most versatile options for all of her aesthetic purposes.

As always when rocking a protective style, we have to remember to practice good hair care habits underneath our styles, so we can still slay even when the extensions come out!

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