Are you struggling to find a hair stylist that caters to your naturally curly and coily hair?

This list should help guide you in the right direction. Here are 5 of the top natural hair salons located in Florida. Have another salon you want to include? Add it to our Salons page.

Hydra-Bar Hair Spa

Established in 2013, Hydra-Bar Hair Spa has been making waves in Coral Spring, Florida. This is a full service salon that offers a wide range of services for those starting their natural hair journey and those with more experience. In addition to their services, a curl expert will have a detailed one-on-one hair consultation to make sure you receive the right treatment for you. Hydra Bar Hair Spa also known for their hyrda steam treatments that enhance natural curl definition. Experience a hydra treatment and book your appointment here.

Curls Rock Hair Studio

Boca Raton-based Curls Rock Hair Salon is known for their emphasis in Devacare, including Devacurl No Poo Curl Treatment and well-known Heaven in Hair Deep Treatments. This salon also specializes in deva and tapered cuts for all curls types. The curl girl team will leave you with healthy, full, and luscious curls! Treat your curls and schedule your appointment to Curls Rock Hair Studio.

Tranzitions Hair Salon

If you’re a lover of Ouidad hair products, you must visit this salon. Tranzitions Hair Salon in Tampa specializes in curly hair care and styling. The stylist here only use the best hair care products formulated to give your best curly hair. The professionals at Tranzitions Hair Salon are both Ouidad and DevaCurl certified so you are sure that you will get the top curly hair treatments, shapes, and styles. Tranzitions Hair Salon also offers full nail and esthetician services so you look your best from head to toe. Make sure your schedule your appointment with curly experts today. 

Natural Trend Setters

Want more from a salon than just a simple cut and style? Why not visit Natural Trend Setters. Natural Trend Setters salon is a first in south Florida to focus in the care of curly, kinky, and coily hair. Since its humble beginnings 13 years ago, it continues to make a mark in the natural hair care industry. Natural Trend Setters offers moisture treatments and protective styling from loc twists to kinky twists. The natural hair experts will give you more than a great cut and style, but educate you on the basics of healthy natural hair and suggest range of products and styles.  Get more from your salon experience and check out it out here.

Have another salon you want to include? Add it to our Salons page.