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No matter how comfortable you may feel with your hairstylist, they are still providing you a service. Use these tips for next trip to the beauty shop as etiquette so that you can create a professional yet friendly vibe with your beautician.

“I want him to do my hair, not you.”

It is your hair and your money, yes. Therefore it is okay if you feel the need to switch stylists or colorists at the same salon. Just quietly let the front desk/customer service person know “I’d like to try someone else today, but I really do enjoy coming here and appreciate everyone’s individual talent.” 

Walking up to your hairstylist while they have another client in the chair.

With stylists with a large clientele volume can come a longer wait time. Unexpected things happen, so even with a booked appointment you should expect to spend some time in the waiting area. Never walk directly into your stylist’s booth and inquire on your own. If the wait is longer than expected, you may bring it up to the owner or manager and let them know when your scheduled appointment time was. Often, better salons will either make it up to you by offering you a free service or will reschedule for a different time slot. 

“This is not what I wanted.”

Sometimes the cut, color, or style won’t turn out how you had expected. Even if you’ve been going to the same hair stylist for years, do not be outright rude about the service they just performed. Calmly and politely let your stylist know specifically what the issue is. By communicating with detail–in a calm tone–you can often work together to find the fix. If he or she cannot remedy the issue, they may come up with a consolation with the owner or manager for your next visit.

Not tipping them at all.

Tipping your stylist, colorist and assistant can add up, but it is important to treat them individually based on what they have just worked for. Normally stylists and colorists should receive 15-20% tip while assistants like shampooers usually get a flat $5 tip. During the holiday season or a special occasion, you may want to add something to their normal tip.

Bottom line, it’s all in your communication.

If you know your hair stylist well or this is your first time receiving their services,  it is crucial to feel comfortable enough to communicate what you want from your visit. Bring photos and ideas that you are considering, be open to suggestions from your stylist so that your make the most of your visit–after all, they are in their professional work environment and you need to respect that.


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