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The beauty industry is constantly changing, so it is important for hairstylists to keep up with current trends in order to meet the needs of clients and use innovative products and techniques without compromising the health of the hair or scalp. These are five things stylists can do to learn more in their field to provide their clients with premium products and services.

Read trade magazines

A hairstylist can learn about new products and services from trade magazines. Magazines such as behindthechair offer webinars that are affordable and allow stylists to learn from home.  Webinars are a great way to introduce new techniques such as gray coverage or cutting textured hair. There are a variety of topics to choose from.

Attend advanced academies

If a hairstylist wants to increase knowledge about a particular product or get their hands on training in a specific area like cutting, coloring, or updos, attending an advanced academy can help. They offer fundamental classes for beginners and advanced classes for more seasoned professionals.  Modern Salon is a popular trade magazine that has a list of Advance Academies that hairstylists can use for guidance.

Hairstylists can get certified at academies as well.  A certification course offers the hairstylist everything they need to know about the product, service or technique. At the end of the course, the stylist will get a certificate. Brands do not always require stylists to take certification courses to use products, but it is encouraged.

For example, companies like Brazilian Blow Out offer a certification course to learn the proper way to use their smoothing treatment. The DevaCurl Academy offers certification classes for product knowledge, their curl philosophy, and cutting technique. Certification courses show that stylists took the time to learn that skill and have the knowledge to give clients the results they are looking for.

Attend hair shows

At hair shows stylists can purchase and learn about new products and take hands on classes. Hair shows like Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event are beneficial because they are an opportunity for hairstylists and cosmetologists to network. The Bronner Bros International Show is a great hair show that can help hairstylists expand their clientele.

Other hair shows include:

There are smaller hair shows that address specific techniques as well. For example, if a hairstylist wants to be an extension expert, they can attend the Extension Expo which focuses on hair additions. Digital downloads can also be purchased from digital.mekasbeauty for safe innovative techniques for extension installations.

Another show that caters specifically to the interest of the stylist and helps with specializing is the Color Cut and Style Show by behindthechair. These stylists are extremely knowledgeable on everything related to color techniques, new products, and color trends.

Ask distributors for continuing education information

Hairstylists can ask the distributors that supply their products about advanced training classes.  Distributors have a wealth of information about products and classes, because they work directly with the brands. Companies such Cosmoprof have class listings on their websites as well.

Use social media

Hairstylists can follow certain brands or educators that they like on social media to learn about trending topics and learn about specialty programs. Specialty programs can be done online for the theoretical portion, but the hands on part of the program requires attendance at an outside location. It can take anywhere from 1- 2 years to complete.

Stylists should follow brands that they use on social media to get a sense of their expertise and teaching style. Extended programs, such as trichology programs, can be costly, so hairstylists need to do as much research as possible to avoid wasting time and money.

Some trichology programs with social media pages are:

 Stylists, what classes or shows have you found most useful in your career?