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Community Questions

Martha Patricia Reveles: How can recuperate my pattern hair? I used to be 3b-c, but last year I had a thyroidectomy and since then, besides the hormonal replacement, I take calcium and vitamin D. As a consequence, apart from losing hair and the dryness, my pattern hair changed. After the surgery it was 2a-b, now, after follow the naturallycurly advice hair is more 2c-3a.

Dr. Kari: Ultimately, anytime someone is experiencing a systemic condition, especially an endocrine dysfunction, it will interrupt the growth cycle. Because the growth was affected, there is nothing that can be corrected externally. Similar to women who go through chemotherapy, this may just be the new texture of her hair. Another thing she can do is try to get a hair mineral analysis, which will determine the mineral and nutrients level in the blood and that may play a role in how her hair is growing. The change in the system is due to the systemic interruption. There is no guarantee that the original curl pattern will come back. It will depend on the balance of her system.

Hayleyandevette Knight: I have been having a hard time getting my hair to retain length during the winter months and wondering what I can do because I don’t want to go back to relaxing my hair. Any tips would be helpful. Thank you.

Dr. Kari: Typically in the winter, hair tends to be drier and needs more lubrication because the climate is so cold. Stick to protective styling. You do not have to add hair. Reduce manipulation. Length retention is about how healthy the ends of the hair are. Something is happening to the ends of your hair so keep your ends lubricated.