If you haven't already, consider getting a blowout at a blow dry bar. This is what you need to know about the straightening treatment and a list of the top blow dry bars to visit on the west coast.
Blow Me Away Bar in Los Angeles

If you haven't already gotten one before, consider visiting a popular blow dry bar for a blowout. First, here is what you need to know about the straightening treatment and a list of the top blow dry bars to visit on the west coast.

The Blowout: What Matters

  • Your hair’s health means a lot before getting a blowout that will last. Beforehand, consider your hair’s protein-moisture balance as well as its current pH levels. If your hair is in a fragile state, do not further risk damage by using heat or tension on it.

  • The products and tools used for the blowout make all the difference. Make sure you have the right products at home post-care: a good heat protectant and blow dryer specifically for straightened styles is necessary.

  • It's all in the technique. Don’t rush your blowout. Take your time to apply products and use tools correctly

The Benefits of a Blowout

  • Can be used as a base for other stretched styles and looks

  • Creates smooth bouncy curls

  • Reduces the amount of flyaways and split ends

  • Stretches the curls for an effortless look

Top 3 Blow Dry Bars in Los Angeles

1. Blow Me Away Dry Bar

“I decided to give other mothers and all ladies the opportunity to pamper themselves at a low cost in a location where they can relax.”

LA is known it’s fast pace lifestyle and with so much to do on a Saturday, who really wants to sit in the chair the whole day? Shani, Creator of Blow Me Away Dry Bar, understands women want the luxury of the salon experience but without the hassle of waiting for long periods of time. Her bar offers affordable blowouts starting at $35 as well as nail care services. Book your appointment by phone or online.

2. The Drybar

“No cuts. No color. Just blowouts.”

Don't want to travel outside of your neighborhood? No worries. From West Hollywood to Brentwood, Drybar has several locations all over LA. This bar offers a range 10 of blow dry styles, from the “Straight Up” to “The Cosmo” to the “Mai Tai.” If you choose to maintain your style at home after your appointment, they offer a blowout regimen available in-house for purchase--dry shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer and even self-grip rollers. The bar is crafted to creating the perfect blowout. Check out the gallery and book your appointment for your next blowout.

3. Merci Blowdry Bar

“Wash, Blow, Style, & Go! Only $35”

Let’s be honest, a trip to the salon isn’t cheap, and especially if you are in the LA area. You are usually stuck with paying a hefty price tag for a style that lasts maybe a few days to a week, at most. Save your money and take a trip to the Merci Blowdry Bar that give you a complete treatment which includes a wash, blow dry and style for just $35. Merci Blowdry Bar also carries their line of the Kerastase system and offers packages so you can even host your own blow dry bar party. View their gallery and schedule your appointment with Merci Blowdry Bar today.

Before you use heat on your hair, it's important that you fully understand heat and its effects on the hair. And if you do get a blowout, follow these steps to properly re-moisturize your hair afterwards.

Have you gotten a blowout? What were your results?