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In the Netherlands when I used to go to the hair salon, my hairdresser would have to inform me (and other clients”> that they are not an experienced barber and that they should try somewhere else. Hairdressers that I personally know even had to hire a barber in order to not lose any consumers. Because of this, a barber would stay at that salon for many years as a result of creating a network and leaving after half a year–or even sooner–to start their own business.

A good hairdresser will be able to trim men and women’s hair and is willing to invest time and money in their education. Oftentimes, this can be difficult to fund for someone with children and other financial obligations.

When we enter the workforce, we do our best to gain experience in order to broaden our horizon. Part of this process is by joining a lucrative business which will enable us to create a network and build our own clientele. The hair salon and barbershop are two perfect places for this opportunity if you enjoying doing hair and making people happy for a living. Here are tips for attending barber or beauty school no matter what your personal financial situation.

1. Build your portfolio by starting a small business

If you already have a proficiency in cutting, washing, and styling hair, you could work several days a week in order to earn money. Promote your work on your social media channels and purchase a prepaid mobile card. Use hashtags when posting pictures of your work, telling potential consumers that they can contact you if interested.

2. Do an internship at a barbershop

Find a barbershop in your area that will let you do a paid apprenticeship, if possible, where you can gain experience for your resume and make some extra money at the same time.

3. Crowdsource

Is attending barber or beauty school one of your goals? Is it a dream of yours to open a successful hair salon or barber shop? Write your aspiration in such a way that readers will be able to relate to your story. Explain why you think that you are meant to be a hairdresser or barber. You have to convince others that your goals are worth their time and financial investment.

Top Barber institutes in the United States:

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