Texture!, a special collaboration between MODERN SALON and TextureMedia Inc., interviews Jonathan Torch Founder of Curly Hair Institute and stylist for Curly Hair Solutions. Is YOUR hairstylist following these curly cutting rules? 

What are your top techniques for cutting and styling curlies:

JT: Our curl-cutting systems transfer excess bulk from unflattering facial features, while enhancing flattering features not only for face shapes but for head shapes as well. We cut curly hair only while the hair is very wet and 100 percent detangled.

What are your must-have texture products:

JT: Curly Hair Solutions' Curl Keeper provides complete style control between shampoos; day two of Curl Keeper could look better than day one once you understand how to reactivate it.

How did you acquire your "texpertise":

JT: I got interested in curly hair when I discovered an effective method to cut curly hair and, later, in teaching clients how to control their curls and frizz. Curl style success became a balance of curl control and cutting. Every day brings unique curl situations in our salon; the variety of curls, along with the various ways of responding to them, has kept my interest and enthusiasm as a hair stylist for the past 30 years.

What is your best advice for working with texture:

JT: Take your time. Play with the hair before you wet it, and study what is happening when you work with the curls. No two curls are the same, and no two clients are the same. You have to customize and not use a standard one-cut-fits-all. Once the hair is wet, play with each curl. You will soon recognize patterns that belong, or hairs that do not. My most important tip is to learn how to use products correctly. Curly Hair Solutions works every time, on every curl. However, there can be a large learning curve in using products that might take both the stylist and client lots of practice to perfect.

What textured looks are you loving for spring:

JT: With most curly hair styles it is easier to wear hair longer. The curl has to be long enough for a ringlet to form, but remember that curly hair shrinks as it dries, creating a spring. This spring is very exciting, because big hair is so popular right now. So, volume is the way to go and it's so easy to achieve. The current trend is sexy messy.

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