I recently spoke with Curl Evolution, a Babylon, NY based curly hair salon about their monthly workshop titled Curly Nights. In this educational experience, certified hair stylists have the chance to provide live demos and give problem solving advice for a wide range of seasonal issues that only women with curly hair have. I spoke with Rachel Fasciani, who gave me more insight into the meaning behind this unique and exclusive workshop.

What is “Curly Nights”? 

Our Curly Nights are interactive and informative events that feature our top stylists that focus on educating curly girls on caring for and styling their curls, troubleshooting curly hair issues (combating frizz, extending styles, etc.”> and providing live demonstrations on each step of a curly girl’s routine (i.e. product application technique, drying techniques, sleeping styles, etc.”>. Our Curly Night direction is based upon the upcoming season and our audience’s specific questions and concerns.

Who is the workshop intended for?

Our Curly Nights were specifically developed for any level of curl experience. From the transitioning girl to the longtime curl advocate and for any type of texture, attendees leave with the tools they need to achieve salon results at home.

These events are unique in that they were not developed for stylists but for the curly girl who is looking for inspiration, education and guidance on everything from the type of curl they have to DIY hair hacks and recipes to style how-tos.

What prompted you to start this monthly workshop?

We have found that while curly girls don’t necessarily need to be at the salon for a trim every five weeks they do need, and want, the education and reinforcement that a true curly stylist provides. This is especially relevant from season to season as curly girls’ hair goals change.

Why is it important for curly haired people to focus on different needs for each season?

Seasonally–and even daily–weather changes affect curl patterns in ways unique to every individual and their specific curl needs.

Summer’s humidity can cause curls to expand and frizz, while the heat and sun can cause very drying effects. We teach you how these can be combated with a good cream styler, a richer and heavier product. That same cream styler, however, may not work well for a curly girl in the winter, when curls get parched from indoor heating and colder weather. Dry air outdoors and volume may be lacking, so we teach that those issues are better solved with a priming product for moisture and a casting gel for lift at the root and curl definition. 

What is the biggest question you get from attendees?

They primarily ask how to control frizz and expansion, followed by requesting polishing technique guidance, styling ideas, second day hair techniques and evening routines to extend their style.

…And how do you respond?

Start with the basics and expand from there. Curly girls new to the routine don’t always know the fundamentals that begin with washing and conditioning their hair.

The first thing to focus on is using a good conditioner and combing it through your hair with the smallest tooth comb that comfortably glides through your curls; secondly, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to hydrate and repair as well as preventing tangles and breakage.

Finally, and this is important, apply your products to your wet hair as soon as you turn off the water. By doing so, your curls are able to take on product at their most hydrated state; after applying products very gently blot excess water using either a micro-fiber towel, t-shirt or a baby blanket. Unlike a traditional terry cloth towel, these three options don’t chafe the ends of your curls or wick out as much moisture.

How can curly girls attend the workshop or book an appointment?

Tickets for Curly Nights are available through our Curl Evolution Facebook page. You may book an appointment by calling our salon at 631-422-4200.

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