DyeVerCity Is Her Middle Name: Stylist Spotlight

2011-03-11 13:42:25

DyeVerCity Is Her Middle Name: Stylist Spotlight

Stacy Hill shares with us her feelings on why natural is better!

natural hair

Stacy says, "Natural is always the right choice."

NC: What are your go-to methods for treating damaged curly hair?

SH: Hydration treatments are a must, along with products fortified with honey, olive oil and horsetail. Honey helps to lock moisture in the hair, and olive oil strengthens, improving elasticity while also adding shine. Horsetail is nature’s silica and helps rebuild hair that is brittle and breaking. Most of our clients will sit under the hydrator for 15-20 minutes. The hydrator helps to impart more moisture on the hair. It also opens the cuticle so the conditioner can penetrate deeper.

NC: What is some advice you would give someone contemplating going natural?

SH: Natural is always the right choice. My motto is "What God gave us isn’t broken." I really try to give our clients the positive aspects of wearing their natural hair. Hair is like anything else. You have to adjust and reprogram yourself to follow a different routine. It’s just like when you start eating healthy, it’s a lifestyle change that doesn’t happen overnight.

Learn more about Stacy's DyeVerCity Salon.

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Stacy is truly Heaven sent! If you're in the Augusta area and your curls need nurturing you MUST give her try. Each client is different and each curl is different--Stacy knows this and does not have an ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL regimen. She and her team cater to you and yours. I travel 180+ miles with no hesitation so that she can share her blessings with me and my "extremely thick"(her words not mine)curls!