It was over months ago. It started with that empty feeling when you saw that appointment on your calendar. Finally, you sat there one day in the chair and you had nothing to talk about; you understood that the intimacy was gone—it had been so long since you explored new styles together. That’s when you realized that it was over—that, and the fact that your color was never quite right lately. And that shimmer that you used to have—it just turned, well, frizzy. And one day you discovered that your ends were split. Yes, deep down, you knew you had to move on.

Now, you have finally decided to do something about it. But what? You looked in other beauty shop windows and saw happiness within. You flirted with other stylists, but felt guilty. Once, when you couldn’t get an appointment with her, you went to the mall and got a cut—a no strings, anonymous cut. You hadn’t felt that much excitement in such a long while until the guilt hit. Then you confessed to her and assured her that it didn’t mean anything. It was only a one-appointment stand and you didn’t even keep her card. You promised that it would never happen again—it only occurred because she had been so busy lately and had no time—and you needed a cut so, so, badly.

Tell her. Yes, simply tell her that it is over. No broken appointments, no sneaking around, no letting her cut your hair while you color somewhere else. Simply, tell her. Perhaps you should consult with a friend for advice to get you through the tough times that lie ahead. It will be painful for your ex-stylist as she looks down at an empty chair at the time of your regular appointment; and you most likely will feel empathy and occasionally regret your decision. Be strong and stick with it. Once you find that right stylist, you will experience the joy that you felt long ago. It will be worth it.

If you are still squeamish about breaking up with your hairdresser, practice by breaking up with your husband first.

Article courtesy of ArticlesBase, by Glebe, author of: Points, the relationship guide for people who don’t like relationship guides.