If you are like me, you are a busy person who is trying to fit wedding planning in with your daily activities. I am in graduate school and preparing my wedding, so my time is very limited and can’t spend hours in front of a computer doing research to find the right hairstylist.

Although I did not know (and still don’t know!) what hair style I want for my wedding day, I knew I wanted someone who could do all types of curly hair. My mom, my sister and I are planning on doing our hair together, but we all have very different types of hair so whomever works on us should be skilled with tight and loose curls.

I started my search by asking my wedding coordinator for a few names. Unfortunately, the woman whom she suggested and whom she trusts the most was already booked for that day. I moved down the list and booked an appointment with another contact my coordinator gave me. The stylist was very nice and seemed to be knowledgeable but I was not fully convinced that she would be the one I would want to have doing my hair and make-up. I should have mentioned that I love make up and although I am not a compulsive obsessive bride, I am striving for flawless work when it comes to my wedding hair and makeup (as are most brides, right?).

Tips for choosing a stylist

  • Allow plenty of time before your wedding day to select a stylist. The ideal amount of time is about 6 months. This is strongly advised in case you decide to grow out or crop your hair and then need time to settle into your new style.
  • Ask for referrals. Friends and family members you trust should be able to steer you toward at least one reliable and talented hairstylist.
  • Find friends, coworkers and even acquaintances with hairstyles you really like and ask them for referrals. Feel free to ask strangers about their hairstyles, as well! They'll probably be flattered to hear how much you admire their hair.
  • Compile a list of four or five hairstylists and their phone numbers. This step helps you stay organized when calling and interviewing potential stylists.
  • Check out one or more of the hairstylists on your list. One of the best things to do is to observe stylists on Saturdays, when they're often their busiest.
  • Schedule a consultation with each stylist. Be sure you know what the consultation will include. For example, some consultations include a cut and style, while others do not. Find out the exact charge, if any, for a consultation.
  • Make an initial appointment with the wedding day stylist you finally choose. Express any concerns you have about your hair, and do not let him pressure you into anything you don't want.
  • Maintain a respectful and productive long-term relationship with your wedding day stylist. Be clear about dates and scheduling, and treat her with respect and courtesy.

Since I was not successful with the coordinator's list, I turned to my curly friends to ask them about a hairstylist. Most did not know one since they are not getting married anytime soon and the one friend who is tying the knot three weeks before my wedding has very different hair so this approach did not work either. After feeling a bit frustrated, I decided to use the Internet to find my “perfect” stylist. Recently, I have learned that consumers’ reviews are very powerful since people tend to express their true feelings about a product or service when they are online.

So I searched for all-inclusive salons (hair and makeup) that specialize in bridal sessions. This is where I found Keep Austin Gorgeous. I loved the fact that they have before and after pictures with all kinds of brides with different hair types. This tool allowed me to have a vision of what I could look like the day of the wedding. I visited the place and realized that the studio is comfortable and nice, although a little bit far from my hotel.

The hair stylists—who are also makeup artists—are courteous, reliable and do great work, according to the online reviews. What I like the most is the fact that you can have the entire place for your group if you have a party of five or more getting their hair done. This means that I can bring mimosas, fruit, light snacks and anything else I want to the salon while enjoying a nice time with my family and girlfriends. What else could I have asked for?

I am looking forward to enjoying my wedding and I am very excited about spending a fun time with my loved ones while getting my hair and makeup done in such a fun place. This will definitively complement our Mexican/Colombian wedding, which will be by far the most exciting wedding anyone has ever attended!