Since getting a new haircut with bangs, I have become a finger-twirling, gel-loving hot mess of a curly girl.

A couple of weekends ago, I traveled to Atlanta for my routine Foundation cut done by master curly hair artist and owner of Southern Curl, Robin Sjoblom.

Per usual, her hands performed pure magic on my curls.

Of course, I flew back home to Texas in high hopes of replicating the super-defined formation of my curly bangs. Admittedly, I am having a bit of a struggle. I realized that with a new cut and style come a refined wash day routine to maximize a new look on my high density, high porosity type 3c curls. 

Revisiting my curl-defining routine from the ‘big chop’ days

In between trims, I normally like to keep my routine relatively simple and straight to the point. During my early transitioning, pre-big chop days, I cared more about curl definition, clumping, frizz-smoothing, and elongation. These days, not so much. As my product stash has changed over the years due to a changing routine, paired with a conscious focus on ingredients and their intentions, I find myself revisiting some Holy Grail brands and NaturallyCurly community faves in an effort to maximize my new shape.

Here’s how I do it–keep in mind that I am still experimenting with this routine, so I am definitely open to suggestions. 

How my styling routine has changed

Now, I have included a gel within my styling routine. I apply it in the shower while my hair is soaking wet, immediately after shampooing or co-washing, then applying a moisturizing leave-in from root to tip (in quadrants”>.

I scoop out a quarter-sized amount of gel and style setter into my palm, rubbing both palms together and smoothing over my halo.

Then, I find my bangs and gently separate them from the rest of my hair with my pointer finger, finger twirling each section with a tiny bit of gel underneath the running shower head. 

Before exiting the shower, I grab my super absorbent microfiber towel, turn my head over, and plop each quadrant of curls.

If I am running low on time, I diffuse on a low setting, focusing on small sections of hair at a time. Since this is when my curls start clumping, it is also the time I like to position my bangs so that they appear even in length across my forehead.

I spend a few minutes fluffing my roots to even out the shape around my entire head with a tiny bit of oil on the pads of my fingers.

My bangs are still not quite cooperating with me like they did with Robin.

Days after my appointment with Robin, my curly bangs stayed in place much more cooperatively than they do when I style them. Stay tuned for her detailed styling routine of my 3c hair.

What’s your secret to styling curly bangs?

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