In 2011 I began my transitioning process and a few months into my journey, I big chopped! I had received only a few trims since then, as I wanted to retain length to the best of my ability. Now it is 2014. My 3C curls have taken a shape of their own and it is completely safe to say that I’ve been letting them get away with it. Recently, 25-year veteran curly hair stylist Dianne Nola took a trip from San Francisco down to Texas to meet me and give me my very first Dry Cut!

I was sure to let Dianne know that I wanted to keep my hair’s length at the bottom, just needed a good ‘shape-up’ around the top with possibly some face-framing layers. Nothing major, and I made that clear. Although this was my first trim in a while and dry cut EVER, I trusted Dianne near me with scissors as her words were comforting yet still precise in how she was about to maneuver my springy curls.

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Before Dianne flew south, I wanted to feel her out on both a professional and personal level. I typically like to know or have been referred to a stylist personally before I allow them to touch my hair with a pair of shears. So the best way, I thought, was none other than to email Dianne some questions and find out more about this eccentric Bay Area curly hair stylist.

What inspired you to enter the hair industry?

Dianne Nola: I needed a job. I had just graduated college in the arts and didn’t want to go to graduate school. I was already cutting hair at $5 a person and loved it. Those were the only jobs that appealed to me in the paper. An office job wasn’t going to work with my energetic nature.

Akshay Joshi

Akshay Joshi

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