We expect a lot from our stylists, and admittedly not all of them are up to the challenge. So when we find one that knows what they're doing, we like to sing their praises! Stephanie Kocielski is the Vice President of Education and Artistic Director of John Paul Mitchell Systems, and she knows what she's talking about when it comes to curls. She knows firsthand that no two curly (clients) are alike, so we asked her what sets them apart! Here's what she had to say:

  1. Curly haired clients communicate through sound to their hair dresser.They use the craziest noises and hand gestures to describe their curls, like creaks, squeaks and snarls. It's like Punk'd, and I'm always looking for that hidden camera!
  2. Curlies are always on the hunt for that dream product, and they're always looking for different ways to improve their curls.
  3. You need to customize the cut and color of curly hair for every client, it makes you imagine shape and texture differently. I like that curly hair challenges me!
  4. Curls react differently to products! I love that products for curls are different, like the Paul Mitchell Curls line. It's like using ointment and repellent to transform curls so there is no more use for the F word (frizz), except fun.
  5. One thing that's true for curls no matter what their pattern, if you treat your curly clients well, they will be loyal for life.