Master Stylist Diane C. Bailey is the SheaMoisture Brand Ambassador and mastermind behind the Braid Revv-olution that hit Texture on the Runway catwalk at NYFW 2017.

Master Stylist, SheaMoisture Brand Ambassador Diane C. Bailey giving instructions to class
Photo courtesy of Diane C. Bailey

Beauty. Style. Grace.

All of these things and more are attributed to the artist, master stylist, and all-around amazing woman Diane C. Bailey. She is the visionary behind the SheaMoisture Braid Revv-oultion that rocked the runway at Texture on the Runway during NYFW 2017. Bailey and her team of hair stylists and hair sculpture artists blended hair styles from the past and present to create dazzling, fashionable future styles.


There was audible excitement as the looks catwalked their way into our reality, shining a light on history and our contemporary times. Wanting to delve into the creative mind of the head and heart behind the Braid Revv-olution, I reached out the master stylist herself to learn what we could expect to see on the runway.

Exclusive: Interview with Master Stylist Diane C. Bailey

Gerilyn Hayes: Every year, brands select themes to showcase on the runway. What inspired the SheaMoisture theme and aesthetic for this year’s event?

Diane C. Bailey: SheaMoisture’s inspiration comes from our relationship with its community. The SheaMoisture Braid Revv-olution is the combined expression of traditional hairstyles, braided accents, and urban street influences, reimagined with an avant-garde edge. SheaMoisture is taking the natural hair community and the fashion sector on a voyage with a heightened declaration of traditional styles.


GH: How are you communicating that theme through the hairstyles, beauty, and fashion looks on the runway?

DCB: Braid Revv-olution features braiding accents on styles that have a retro perspective from the 20’s, the 60’s and the exotic future. No conventional looks! SheaMoisture is raising the bar with braided beauty. These styles are progressive, ornate and forward-looking with touches of fantasy. This is coupled with clean lines and neutral colors in the spirit of New York’s current hip-hop infused streetwear designs.


GH: SheaMoisture continues to lead the natural hair industry by offering multiple product collections to the textured consumer. With a limitless selection of SheaMoisture products at your fingertips, how do you choose which collection is best for a particular style?

DCB: Yes, SheaMoisture has hair products for every hair texture, hair type, and condition. There are no cookie cutter solutions. Women have the opportunity to select the perfect products based on their individual texture and the finished style.

My team of stylists and the SheaMoisture innovation, marketing, and creative teams stay ahead of the curve by being the “curve”. -Diane C. Bailey, Master Stylist and SheaMoisture Brand Ambassador


GH: Brand owners have a perpetual need to innovate with the goal of outpacing other brands in the market. How does your team of product creators and stylists stay ahead of the curve?

DCB: My team of stylists and the SheaMoisture innovation, marketing, and creative teams stay ahead of the curve by being the “curve”. Not waiting for the trends to change, but by being masters of change. Being open to research, industry discussions and trying new techniques, we are always growing. And, always talking to their community on what their needs are, and what moves them.

Diane C Bailey and team of hairstylists and hair sculpture artists
Photo courtesy of Diane C. Bailey

GH: Which collection(s”> are you using to achieve these looks?

DCB: This is a celebration of natural textures in classic styles and SheaMoisture has collections that work to bring out the best in the range of textures you will see tonight. The five Braid Revv-olution styles feature Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie to define texture, Raw Shea Butter Heatless Curl Stretch to elongate curls, Jamaican Black Castor Strengthen & Restore Oil Loc & Braid Butter to define and moisturize, new Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Blow Dry Crème to create manageability and protect hair from heat styling, and 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner to nourish and detangle.


GH: At NaturallyCurly, we believe that representations of texture and curls are imperative to our community. Why do you think it is important to have texture represented on the runway, mass media, and entertainment?

DCB: It’s important to have textured hair reflected on the runway and in the world in general because all hair, all people are beautiful and must be valued, respected and not minimized or ignored because they do not fit into a bias prescription of beauty. “Hair diversity” and “Hair Inclusion” are about hair textures of  all types that must be reflected in all that we do. We believe that it’s vital that she be affirmed with hair textured and styles, using products that address her needs and styling options. All hair is good hair and deserves to be elevated, including at New York Fashion Week!

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As ever, stay curly!

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