Hair by That Damn Salon

Now this is a damn gorgeous ‘do!

We have heard plenty about The Damn Salon lately, and when Cassidy Blackwell, natural hair blogger and all around amazing human being, invited us to tag along for her trim, we weren’t about to pass up the chance to sneak a peek at one of the hotest, invite-only, natural hair salons in Atlanta.

The term “looks can be deceiving” was definitely on our mind during the visit. When pulling up to the salon, we were instantly confused by the fact we were in a residential area. We followed our directions and found a posh salon space tucked into a beautiful home outside of Atlanta. We instantly realized that “by invitation only” also means that the salon is invisible to the average passerby. To our trained eyes, we knew there had to be something amazing lurking under the facade of this two-story subdivision home.

We were greeted by Fatima, who walked us through the different twist styles and explained where the salon who boasts a killer motto, “Who the hell said natural hair had to be boring?” originated from. The Damn Salon hails from Montreal, and has spread its wings across several cities in the US over 15 years including Atlanta and Miami. They only specialize in natural hair, and you won’t find these ladies relaxing one single client.

While Cassidy was getting her hair trimmed, we were treated to a delicious lunch and a relaxing glass of white wine. The private setting is completely welcome after being at a natural hair show all weekend, giving our senses a few moments to regroup!

Damn Salon hair style

Afro fusion for a more natural look.

Not only can you get your natural hair transformed into something more runway couture, you can also shop The Damn Closet, The Damn Product, or get your damn picture taken in their beautiful photography studio. We also developed a life crush on Mushiya, the owner and the brains behind the operation. Not content to own one of the top natural hair salons in Atlanta, she’ll also be opening a Charlotte, N.C., location very soon.

If you’re anything like us, you appreciate the need for a little privacy. The Damn Salon does not post an address online, and if you are lucky enough to be given the information for an appointment, consider yourself damn fortunate. We truly felt like we were hidden away in a sort of natural hair haven—not having to worry about people walking in and disturbing your time of rest and relaxation is a welcome treat!

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