Hairstylists, it is important to show your clients you are thankful that they utilize your business.
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Your clients have several options in choosing which salon they could go to for hair services, so showing your appreciation for them will build loyalty and value in the business relationship. Here are six ways to your client more gratitude.

Serve refreshments and snacks

Serve coffee, tea, water, juice or wine to your clients waiting to be serviced. If it's the morning, pastries and granola bars are great options as well. Some services in a salon can take hours to finish--a light snack or refreshment can make the long processing time of the service a lot more relaxing for the customer.

Give gifts or samples of products

Keep a record of your client’s birthdays or anniversaries. That way, you can send them a gift certificate or discount that can be redeemed at your salon on special occasions. For major holidays like Mother’s Day or Christmas, give your clients samples of a favorite or new product. Distributors always have samples of products that they are willing to share with hairstylists, which you could regift to clients.

Create reward programs

Happy clients love to talk about their favorite and talented hair stylist. Create a program that rewards clients when they refer someone to your salon or write you a nice review on line. Make sure to tell them thank you for the customer referral. Customers like when you remember specific details about them. It makes them feel like they are unique to all the other customers you service.

Send out thank you cards

Have your customers email or home address on file so that you can keep in contact with them and find out how they are doing. Send a card to new clients thanking them for their business. Ask the new customer what they enjoyed--or didn't enjoy--about their service. Clients like when a stylist goes the extra mile to make sure they are happy with their total experience. Considering their opinion helps them feel special and gives you necessary feedback as a business owner.

Keep in contact with clients

Send out an email to any clients you have not serviced in a while. Tell them you are thinking of them and their hair. Keeping in contact with clients this way lets them know that you care about them and took the time to reach out even with a busy schedule.

Have a customer appreciation event

Organize an event fully dedicated to thanking your customers. Invite other businesses in your area to participate. Businesses that offer different services from yours would be a great way to help pamper your customers. Collaborate with a local nail salon to offer mini manicures or pedicures, a spa to do quick neck and head massages or an eyebrow bar to do waxing or threading services. This will help your clients feel exclusive and relaxed getting one stop services in one location.

Stylists, what are some ways you show your clients gratitude?

Although you may not be able to do them all, pick which options are the most suitable for your business model. These simple steps are just a few ways you can say thank you to your clients.

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Writer Sophia Emmanuel is a licensed cosmetologist and certified IAT trichologist with a salon, Crown Worthy, based in New York City.