I like to communicate with my clients and go over ideas and send pictures of a certain style.

Ever wonder what life is like for a traveling hairstylist?

I had the opportunity to speak with traveling natural hair and loc specialist Chimere, also known as the #NaturalHairLady, on a busy day in the life. Here is what you didn’t know about your traveling hairstylist. And visit our Salon Finder to read thousands of reviews for curly stylists around the world.

How a typical work day begins

My typical work day varies and can range from scheduling consultations, getting ready for my next client, or shipping out products. One of the benefits as a traveling hairstylist is having the convenience to run a salon at home. I don’t travel all the time, so when I don’t have to travel, I can create a salon atmosphere in the comfort of my home.

The consultation process

The consultation process begins with me getting to know the client and throwing out ideas for what style they are hoping for. Communication and visuals are the key for a smooth consultation process. I like to communicate with my clients and go over ideas and send pictures of a certain style. The mutual agreement between the stylist and the client is essential to ensure we are on the same page and eliminates any miscommunication.

Welcoming the client into to my home

I like to prepare for a client by creating a warm welcoming salon atmosphere with candles and music. I want to recreate that salon experience for the client and make sure everything is clean and smells nice.

My go-to products include wide tooth combs, rat tail combs, Denman brush, SheaMoisture Transitioning Milk, and my Dr. Locs product collection.

Scheduling conflicts as a traveling stylist

Scheduling appointments is difficult, due to travel; sometimes clients want to cancel or reschedule their appointments for a different time. Another challenge will be gathering strangers and getting on the same page. It’s easy to run into time and scheduling conflicts with a tighter schedule.

When a client doesn't like my work

I understand that it is a business and try to not to take things personally when a client is dissatisfied with my work. I know that I shouldn’t take the criticism harshly.

For the aspiring hairstylist, it’s important to realize that you come outside yourself and know that it’s about the person in the chair. It’s less about you as a stylist and more about paying attention to the client. How does your client feel? Is your client comfortable?  It’s also important to be consistent and be available. A traveling hairstylist has be ready and prepared for whatever comes next so ask questions and never start a service without a mutual agreement.

Keep up with Chimere

Thinking about booking an appointment with Chimere and in the Atlanta area? Read her client testimonials at NaturalHairLady.com. And follow her on social media:

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