What a Curl Needs


2011-05-26 15:33:22

What a Curl Needs

Stylist Nicole Siri put together a book to help people with curly hair how to stylishly put their hair up.

During her 10 years as a hairdresser, Nicole Siri has heard the same complaint from her curly clients.

'What do I do with my hair?'

Many believed their only option was a ponytail. So Siri decided to put together a book to help people with curly hair how to stylishly put their hair up.

Hot off the press, 'Strictly Curls' is a 90-page, spiral bound, hard cover book with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create 14 styles. The styles range from easy to moderate to more experienced. The book also includes detailed sections on the correct technique for using bobby pins and how to use other accessories to get different looks. 'If you already put up your hair, these styles will be easy for you,' she says. 'But some people only know how to do a ponytail.'

The 29-year-old hairdresser originally planned to be a fashion designer. But when her college eliminated its fashion design program, she decided to go to cosmetology school instead.

'Now I don't want to do anything else,' Siri says.

Siri, who works at Salon Nordine & Day Spa in Reston, Va., says she has developed a passion for curly hair, and many of her clients have curly or wavy hair. Often, she says, she would create a beautiful style for them. But when they got home, they couldn't recreate it. 'I said 'I'm going to put it all in a book so they'll have it as a resource,' ' Siri says. 'The timing was right.'

Siri says she benefited from her photographer sister who worked with her on the book. Strictly Curls, which retails for $19.95, is available on CurlMart. 'It doesn't matter what products you use,' Siri says. 'If you're wearing your hair up, it can look good.'



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