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My name is Christina Carsillo. I am Owner and Creative Director of Haarmony Salon & Studio in Roswell, GA.

Entering the curly hair salon industry

Once I opened my own hair salon in 2001, I researched hair products that I would consider selling in my salon. I loved the idea of having a curly hair line since my own hair was curly and I understood the challenges of dealing with my own hair.

I also had heard many many horror stories from my clients who also had curly hair. I researched the curly philosophies and products of a number of product lines and selected Deva Curl as my primary curly line. I understood from dealing with many color and product lines over the years that one product never works for every single hair type, but I found Deva addressed the majority of my needs and my clients needs. Once I understood the basics of the line I went to New York to get all the information I could from the source.

I went to New York City to meet
Lorraine Massey and hear it from the woman who started to address all the problems associated with curly girls worldwide. Since this time I have been going back once or twice a year to keep up with any new discoveries, products, and inventions for curly hair. We recently purchased some of the first long hair curly diffusers for our salon that were recently produced in Brazil.  After numerous years traveling the world to learn from the masters of the hair world I auditioned for Wella as a platform artist, which entailed creating 3 futuristic hair styles and creating and presenting a trend collection to a group judges and Wella professionals.

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Everyone else in the competition got their mannequin heads 2 weeks in advance, but mine were lost and not delivered until the night before.

Everyone else in the competition got their mannequin heads 2 weeks in advance, but mine were lost and not delivered until the night before. I stayed up all night to create the collection, caught a flight to New York the next day at 6am, and delivered my presentation at 10am. I beat out 5 other hand selected hairdresser professionals to secure the position for the next 5 years.

I attended advanced trainings for Wella twice a year to hone the art of platform work, to help develop collections for the company, and educate hairdressers from around the United States. In later years Wella was sold to Procter and Gamble and basically closed most of this particular division.  Since this time I have used that training and experience with a number of companies which include: Jungle Fever, Tahe, Salerm, and Deva Curl.

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My life passions

Curly Hair of Course! because I have it... I also love being a mom, music, dancing, running and weight training. I am a gourmet healthy cook and I try and inspire my family, staff, clients to live a healthy clean full lifestyle.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and can communicate in French and Italian as well. The ability to be comfortable in a number of languages enables me inspire and educate more hairdressers who are truly passionate about their craft.

Every person with curly hair should know about...

The importance of hydration, especially in curly hair, is crucial to allowing you to style your hair correctly. It's imperative to understand this in order to achieve  great frizz free curls. I will suggest to them, to get the right type of style first, followed by learning what products to use to maintain it. This will make the world of difference to help them embrace the natural curls they currently have. In curly hair right now, I see shorter and fuller being trendy. Shattered Bobs with Asymmetrical sides even to the extreme of shaving one side, also lots of bold contrast in color. 

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