10 Ways to Get Your Best Wash & Go With 3 Products or Less

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You hear this phrase all the time:Wash and Go.

But what does it mean, exactly? The term refers to when you wear your natural hair in its original state, free from manipulation using styling tools, braids, twists, or stretching. Ideally, you want to style your damp hair fresh out of the shower in a low-maintenance and quick manner (hence the phrase”>.

The Wash and Go is a hairstyle just as unique as your texture. Depending on porosity, length, density, humidity, and other factors, a Wash and Go can be achieved using a combination of different cocktails and techniques. For many of us, it’s been all about trial and error. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard to find the right mix.

Luckily, the NaturallyCurly community is here to help you get started if you are still searching for what will work on your curl pattern! Here are some ways that our community gets their best Wash and Go — using only three products.

10 Ways to Get Your Best Wash & Go With 3 Products or Less


Flip, coat, scrunch.

  • Type 2/3 wavy-curly @curlinOC uses the flip, coat, scrunch method to achieve her best Wash and Go. First, she starts with a sulfate-free shampoo (EO Essentials Lavender & Quinoa”> on her roots and scalp, followed by a coconut water-based conditioner (Not Your Mother’s Blue Sea Kale & Pure Coconut Water Conditioner”>. Then she uses a hair spray (Aussie Instant Freeze”> to lock in definition.
  • Type 2b/c wavy Pam trusts Bounce Curl to do the trick. First, she uses their shampoo, then applies Kinky Curly Knot Today, then defines with a light creme gel.
  • Type 3a/b @goodymcgoodface likes to use As I Am Coconut CoWash to cleanse and condition, It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner, and Garnier Spray Gel to scrunch and hold.

10 Ways to Get Your Best Wash & Go With 3 Products or Less


Condition, seal, moisturize.

Shampoo, co-wash, define.

How do you rock a Wash and Go with 3 products or less?

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