With flower crowns, glitter, and pastel-colored hair abound, festival season is here and in full swing. Just think, this time last year, we were experiencing the splendor that was Beychella (I’m still not over it!). While we may not have Beyonce Knowles-Carter gracing the stage, some of the music industry’s heavy-hitters will be present-- such as Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Janelle Monae and the like. And while you may be pondering over the star-studded lineup, the fashion, and the celeb appearances, we know the very next thought on your mind is: How should I style my hair?

Whether you’ve got tickets to an actual festival or you just want to embrace the spring season, we’ve put together a list of hairstyles from flowery space buns to fulani braids that will have you festival ready in no time.

1. Flowery curls.

coachella 1

Image Source: @makaelayaheard

Flowery accessories are a bit cliche when it comes to festivals, but these pink roses and baby’s breath are beautifully soft and dreamy-- perfect for a festival vibe.

2. Space Buns with Cat ears

Image Source: @chimeedwards

A headband can transform almost any hairstyle into a party-ready style. Space buns are a forever festival style, Chime’s cat-ear headband offsets this fun look.

3. Colorful crochet-braids.

Image Source: @naturallycurly

Protect your hair during the festivities while sporting a brightly-colored curly ‘fro.

4. Bantu-knot mohawk. 

Image Source: @rikki.richelle

You can experiment with the placement of your bantu-knots and add some colorful string for a very Coachella-friendly look.

5. Box-braids and pearls.

Image Source: @tessamaethompson

Box-braids are a staple of any festival, but you can add some eye-catching accessories to stand out from the pack. Maybe some pearls?

6. Braided top-knot.

Image Source: @rafafranco2

A simple braided bun is a good way to keep cool. If it’s a little too simple for you, add string and accessories to your heart’s content.

7. Space buns and braided accents.

Image Source: @queensconquer

You can get creative with space buns by adding braids and gold accessories.

8. Colorful box-braid ponytail.

Image Source: @brooklynnrenee

A high, multi-colored braided ponytail? Yes, yes, and yes. For festival goers who are craving a little more excitement with their look. Bonus points for dramatic ponytail swinging.

9. Criss Cross plaits and Space Buns

Image Source: @chelliscurls

This fun and easy style is a perfect way to show off your curls. These curly space buns are cute and can be done on all hair types.

10. Jumbo Box Braids

Image Source: @laurenlewiss_

Box braids are a classic protective style and these jumbo braids have made a big comeback, plus don’t take as long as normal box braids.

11. Twisted bob.

Image Source: @naturallycurly

Photo of: @ownbyfemme

Twists and braids cut short a la Jada Pinkett in Set It Off are back and here to stay. The blonde highlights make for a stunning overall look.

12. Feed-in Braided Ponytail

Image Source: @heygorjess

This braided ponytail is perfect for festival season to keep your hair out of your face and still slay effortlessly. Add a few gold cuffs and string to make your braids stand out.

13. Pastel-colored dutch braids.

Source: @naturallycurly

Brighten up your dutch braids with some color. Why choose only one when you can try all of them?

14. Curly double buns and dandelions.

Photo of: @isis.n.brown

Flower accessories are popular for a reason-- they always work. Also, if baby hairs are your thing, get creative with the pattern!

15. Temporary hair color

Photo of: @makeupbydenise
Image Source: @naturallycurly

Want to try some bold colors on your hair for festival season, but don’t want the commitment? Temporary colored hair wax was made for you. You can even mix colors for a custom look all your own.

Which one of these curly-friendly festival styles are your favorite? Are you Coachella-bound this season? Let us know in the comments.