Wondering what on earth to do with your hair once the heat and humidity kicks in? Don’t despair. We’ve got a round-up of lovely curly hairstyles to keep you going through the humid weather

1. Chic High Ponytail with loose and Wispy look

Image Credit: @thecurlstory

In the summer months, it’s nice to be a bit more relaxed with our look as we head to the beach or park to soak up some sun. look no further than this casual but chic ponytail. Now, you may worry about curly ponytails sagging in the heat, but with two hidden accessories, this look stays put all day. Watch April’s tutorial above.

2. Easy Curly Side Bun Updo

Image Credits: @marisascurls

Another low maintenance updo to keep the hair off your neck is the classic side bun, elegant and easy. Marisa shows us how it’s done in this simple tutorial.

3. Dutch Braids


Image Credit: @curly_candace

Dutch braids are all the rage this summer. Cute and oh-so pretty, braids also offer up some protection from the sun’s rays and keep hair neat on windy days. Candace shows us four different ways of wearing them.

4. The Flat Twist


Image Credit: @blkcurlsbuy

For coily hair, this is an easy way to protect your curls in the summer heat. Shalanda shows us her version in this tutorial where she twists using foam.

5. Half updo!

Image Credit: @curlykiet

The half-updo is a classic and gives a lovely carefree vibe for summer. Nikki – shows us a super simple updo with two twists!

6. Sectioned Braids

Image Credit: @jasmeannnn

Follow Jasmine’s tutorial for perfect sleek braids ready for days at the beach! Watch out for sunburn on your scalp if you wear sectioned braids! Apply sunscreen to those partings.

7. Bubble Braids!

Image Credit: @curly.hair.boo

@curly.hair.boo walks us through this on-point simple summer hairstyle which is great for curly or wavy hair as well as straight. Great for summer festivals!

8. Half-up with Bubble Braids

Image Credit: @divinecurlz

Sometimes you still want your curls to do the talking so this cute half-updo with a bubble braid twist from Erika has the best of both worlds! Watch how she does it here.

9. Half-up Space Buns

15 Curly Hairstyles to Try When Its Humid

Continuing with the half-up look, why not try this twist on the space buns? Franchelli makes sure her ringlets are on show while making an impact with the high buns. Allowing some ringlets to escape from the buns adds a relaxed summer feel. Perfect for summer parties!


Image Credit: @chelliscurls

10. Silk Scarf

15 Curly Hairstyles to Try When Its Humid

Image credit: @julianalouiise

In summer we can flirt with pretty light silk scarves to brighten up low ponies or half-updos. Make sure they are silk or satin to keep friction of your curls to a minimum!


11. Cute Clips and a Low Pony

15 Curly Hairstyles to Try When Its Humid

Image credit: OK Chicas

Wanting to keep things sleek but worried about wispy curls in the summer? Use pretty, patterned clips to keep your hair slicked back when you wear a low pony.


12. Pineapple with Butterfly Clips

15 Curly Hairstyles to Try When Its Humid

Image Credit: @oliviacalbio

Sometimes there’s nothing for it but a stylish, sleek pineapple. It’s the best updo for those hot days and allows you to show off summery earrings and tanned shoulders. And dress it up with a few butterfly clips, Olivia got hers from Princess Polly. To get the look, she says “I use a refresher spray to dampen my scalp, then I use a brush to comb it back in place. I also glaze my scalp with gel and hairspray which helps to brush out all the bumps and keep it slick all day. I use hair elastics to then secure a tight ponytail near the top of my head. To get that extra slicked effect, I use a toothbrush and gel to brush back my baby hairs.”


13. Romantic Half-up Fishtail

15 Curly Hairstyles to Try When Its Humid

Image credit: bebonia

For dreamy summer days or even summer weddings, this whimsical look suits floaty summer dresses and long warm evenings. This look can also be done with a simple braid. Liv Judd shows us how to do a fishtail-braid in this tutorial.


14. French-Braided Low Ponytail

15 Curly Hairstyles to Try When Its Humid

Image Credit: Hair Romance

This elegant look can go from day to night whilst keeping you cool. Watch Miss Sue’s tutorial on how to do a French braid.


15. Scarf Updo

15 Curly Hairstyles to Try When Its Humid

Image credit: Perfectlocks

Perfect for protecting coils and curls in the summer heat and for keeping you cool! Loosely tie hair in a high pineapple and then wrap around the back underneath of your hair with a patterned, summer scarf, tying at the front or the back. Simple.